DCLead Students 2016-2018

Name: Ana Cristina
Surname: Rocha Robleto
Country: Nicaragua
BA: Information Technologies and Systems Engineering, Universidad Centroamericana, UCA – Nicaragua
Worked as: Software Engineer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe that Digital Communications have the potential to improve life in many ways.
These tools have become an essential part of everyday activities such as communicating, advertising, research, marketing, entertainment and so on. I want to be part of the revolution and I think DCLead program will provide me with the knowledge I need to be a leader in this field.



Name: Amalia Nurul
Surname: Muthmainnah
Country: Indonesia
BA: Bachelor of Communications, Universitas Airlangga
Worked as: Journalist & Copywriter
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
This program combines the two sides of me. As a former journalist, I’m passionate about media, especially from its social and political perspectives. And as a copywriter, I’m interested about economics and business in media and communication. Particularly, in this digital era, where there are a lot of new phenomenons which we never experienced before. Talking about digital era, Indonesia is one of the countries with highest internet users in the world. My country also forecasted to be the digital powerhouse in South East Asia. I am so excited about this and I believe that courses in DCLead will give me a lot of knowledge as well as experiences which will expedite me to contribute and embrace this amazing opportunity in the future. And so far, I enjoy DCLead and don’t regret my choice at all!



Name: Alena
Surname: Sidarovich
Country: Belarus
BA: Support of Intercultural Communication, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus;
Worked as: Communication and Information Specialist
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Since the program will equip me with a critical awareness of the main aspects in social media, digital audiences and online governance, and will update and extend my understanding of digital media focusing on cultural practices and new media changes. The program is of a special interest for the reason that the Master in Digital Communication Leadership focuses not simply on the communication as a social phenomenon and European institutions as political bodies, but on the relations between innovations and society; on the correlation between media and communication, on the one hand, and the main media players’ reflection, on the other. It is my strong belief that the DCLead studies will result in high-performance training and achieving guaranteed results in my education and career.



Name: Dina
Surname: Ibrahim
Country: Egypt
BA: Mass Media, South Valley University
MA: Pre-Master in European and Mediterranean Studies, Cairo University
Worked as: Programme and Media Coordiantor at Tahrir Lounge Goethe project
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Its content introduces essential theoretical and practical framework for central topics regarding communication, economics, society, culture, politics and innovations. This combination will provide me with the knowledge and experience to achieve my ambition to be a future leader in the field of political communication.
I find the program extremely comprehensive with a huge number of news organizations and universities contributing on supporting and conducting it, which adding another significant advantage that will enrich my professional and academic experiences. Besides, it will offer me a golden opportunity to build upon my network with both professional and academic colleagues who share with me the same interests in digital communication and hope to be pioneers in the field.



Name: Durai Subramaniam
Surname: Selvaraj
Country: India
BSc: Mass Communication, Advertisement, Journalism
MSc: Communication
Worked as: Executive at Confederation of Indian Industry, India ; Senior Marketing and Sales Executive at GFTPL, India
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I want to excel in the field of Digital Communication where I could take on complex, new age, communication problems that challenge my intellect and fire my imagination. It is my belief that pursuing an education here would be the next best step towards this goal and a career in such a field in an intellectually stimulating academic environment will offer me an excellent way to contribute my bit to the lifelong process of development and dissemination of knowledge. The course provides a deeper and broader knowledge on Digital Communication with social responsibility and ethical cultural dimensions which would not only hone my skills but also make me competent in today’s globalised world.



Name: Ishaqur
Surname: Rahman
Country: Bangladesh
BA: Computer Science and Engineering, North South University
Worked as: Business Development and Project Manager at Dnet, Bangladesh
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Given my educational background in Computer Science and Engineering and my professional background in project management, I feel that DCLead would be the most suitable avenue of combining those two and catalysing my goal of working as a project manager at an international IT/solutions/media firm.



Name: Joyce
Surname: Zaide
BA: Communication Research (cum laude), University of the Philippines-Diliman
MA: Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore
Worked as: Researcher/Analyst, Armed Forces of the Philippines; Research Assistant, Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore; Communications Officer, Nalanda–Sriwijaya Centre at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
The DCLead programme is unique compared to other existing programmes related to new media in that there is emphasis in the leadership aspect. Gaining the necessary intellectual and emotional depth for understanding the dynamics among digital technology, communications, policy and society, at a more advanced level, is an important factor that will help one become a skilful and responsible communications professional. I foresee that in finishing this programme, I will emerge as a digital communications expert who possesses the necessary tools for becoming an effective advocate, a facilitator of learning and a competent leader.



Name: Michelle Anne
Surname: Tabirao
Country: Philippines
BA: Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Worked as: Open Source Evangelist/Project Coordinator at 8layer Technologies Inc/ Business Consult CRV Embedded System and Design
DCLead Track: B
Blog: Jeepney Stories
I have chosen DCLead because:

I strongly believe that Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) Program, will help me in my future endeavors because it’s aligned to my undergraduate degree and work experiences. The program’s focus on the leadership and empowerment, economic and managerial, digital technologies, media and communication knowledge, social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions of digital communication is indeed a holistic approach for a life long learner like me. I strongly believe that this program will help me achieve my goal, to be an INNOVATION SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR in the future.  To harness the power of open innovation, open source and IOT infrastructures to reform the community. My core focus will be on advocacy, technology and policy, this is achievable through transformation of ideas into a thriving culture towards excellence and social impact and  collaboration of the community.



Name: Mathias Felipe
Surname: de Lima Santos
Country: Brazil
BA: Computer Science, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp)
Communication – Journalism, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Worked as:
Production Assistant for Olympics, Journalist for Sports Magazine, IT and Communication Professional for Ericsson, Embraer, J&J and SENAC SP.
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I chose DCLead Master Program because it allows me to work with my two backgrounds. In addition, the program is one-step ahead of others Master, when it integrates technology and communication concerning the current issues and challenges. A unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn with a top academic team with different backgrounds also make my eyes shine.



Name: Milou
Surname: Jansen
Country: The Netherlands
BA: Communication and Information Studies, Radboud University
Worked as: Online Marketing Assistant, Communication Advisor, Junior Consultant Change management (all part-time jobs)
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
It offers a broad range of subjects I am particularly interested in. Digital technologies and their developments, policy and innovation, management and leadership, social responsibility, I did not have to choose! The combination of all these aspects within the field of digital communication is very unique. I believe this multidisciplinary approach answers to today’s needs, and those of tomorrow. In addition, the international setting of the DCLead programme was a major asset to me as well.



Name: Shahnoza
Surname: Bekbulaeva
Country: Uzbekistan
BA: Informatics and Information Technologies, Tashkent University of Information Technology, Uzbekistan
Worked as: Digital Customer Engagement Specialist
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Uzbekistan is a developing country where digital technologies are in initial phase of development. I want to make a research in digital communication technologies in the context of policy and digital communication in Europe, to understand the development of communication technologies in my country and forthcoming issues. Master’s degree seems to me a next logical step to gain credibility in international community and benefit from the academic discussion with practical knowledge and skills. The prospect of studying in DC Lead appealed to me as it perfectly matches with my ambition: it is ideal place to benefit from academic–scientific integrity and learn about ethical principles, to become an expert in the field of digital communication. Moreover, I am excited about Problem Based Learning method, international mobility scheme, students’ diversity, and the opportunity to develop multicultural skills. Personally I am keen on learning languages and planning to master German in order to enhance my career opportunities. In my opinion, the modules in DCLead are perfectly tailored to prepare professionals to approach issues in interdisciplinary manner.



Name: Ruiqi
Surname: Zhou
Country: China
BA: Information Management and Information System, East China Normal University
Worked as: Digital Marketer, Business Analyst, Editor & Contributor @
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
It dazzles me how the new media era changes everything, good or bad. I’ve always felt there’s a piece missing in my professional career. Having worked on several projects made me realize my needs to optimize communication. The program starts with the basis communication theories and methodologies and in my track B, Aalborg University’s problem-based-learning inspires me, simply cannot wait for my project coming alive off the paper.



Name: Abdul Aziz
Surname: Aziz
Country: Bangladesh
BA: Bachelor of Social Science, University of Chittagong
MA: Master of Science, VHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.
Worked as: Journalist (New Age, The Asian Age); Research Assistant
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I aim to explore the nature of digital communication in different settings to understand the impact of new media on economic growth and policy design. More specifically, I am interested in ‘digital divide’ or ‘digital inequality’ in order to ensure social change and development in both European and non-European context. For instance, the multiple aspects of digital inequality in terms of access, usage, skills, and self-perceptions, as well as future lines of research, the significance of digital inequalities in a broad range of individual-level and macro-level domains (gender, class, ; health care, politics, economic activity, and social capital and development interventions (policies, projects or actions).
I believe the DCLead program will help me to combine these dimensions between economy and social aspects, technology and culture, individual needs and society. In addition, the program will guide me to acquire deep and broad knowledge and skills for innovative ideas and discussions as well as a profound academic ground in the area of digital communication. DCLead Programme has a benchmark international network of academic expertise and practical insights to focus on new media, media management which will facilitate the potentiality of my knowledge and skills in the field of digital media and communication.
I believe, DCLead is a timely initiative that will help me understand the multidimensional aspects of media question to explore the interdisciplinary approach of communication and social development.



Name: Maia
Surname: Giorgadze
Country: Georgia
BA1: Economics and Business Administration, Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
BA2: International Business Programme, Østfold University College (Norway)
Worked as: Database Manager
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a brand-new and challenging master program. Here I found a unique opportunity to combine economic-managerial, technological, media and communication skills. It teaches me the important aspects how to become a successful leader with the assistance of effective communication tools but without losing focus on social responsibility and ethical-cultural issues. The program involves at least two universities and two countries, where I can find different approaches and broaden my perspectives. This program gives me a chance to get advice and recommendations from the qualified professors with different backgrounds. At the same time, it offers internships at world-known organizations in order to work on the master thesis. Thus theory is implemented in practice. I think that the experience I will obtain during the period of studying in the consortium will be a valuable tool to open up new opportunities for my career. Besides, one of the most important reasons why DCLead stands out compared to similar programs, is its cultural diversity of incoming students! It feels like I have visited every country in the world by making a simple conversation with my fellow students. I get to know the trends, possibilities and obstacles in different countries from them. DCLead is a global program which can help students become real professionals and make new friends throughout the world.



Name: Markus
Surname: Neudecker
Country: Germany
BA: Arts in Communication Science at University of Salzburg
Worked as: Student Assistant at University of Salzburg, Intern at Red Bull Media House
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
DCLead Track A Digital Communication, Policy and Innovation in Europe
I have chosen DCLead because it allows me to focus on media politics and media economics. Further I am interested in digital Communication as a Tool for the Public in form of E-Service and Social Media but also as a enhancer of the new media and a possibility for E-Governance. The program addresses topics like digital Communication, Policy, Innovation, digital technology and management combined with the consideration for social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions. Further the program offers an international approach to this topics because of the diverse Partner Universities and Industry Partners. In my opinion this business and academic bonds will support me with my master thesis and will be beneficial for my further career. Last but not least my fellow students who come from different academic and business backgrounds and also from over 15 different cultures. Their knowledge and their stories help and inspire me every day in my academic work and thinking and also my personal life.



Name: Alessandro
Surname: Amati
Country: Italy
BA: Computer Engineering
MA: Computer Systems and Networks Engineering
Worked as: Manager at Procter and Gamble
DC Lead track: B
I have chosen the DC Lead because:
I am a young entrepreneur and my ambition is to expand my expertise in the fields of ICT, digital marketing and social media communication.
Nevertheless my previous experiences, I feel that I still need to deepen my knowledge in the vast area of digital communication management, key part of the services I want to provide through my company. For this reason, after searching for a challenging program able to give me a strong foundation in leadership and digital communication, I believe that the ‘‘Digital Communication Leadership’’ EMJMD program is a strong representative of the high level of learning that I am looking for.
Being part of the DC Lead Program is providing me with the perfect opportunity to become a specialist in Digital Communication Leadership to pursue my entrepreneurial ambition with a proper foundation for succeed.



Name: Harris
Surname: Bin Munawar
Country: Pakistan
BSc (Hons): Computing (University of Portsmouth)
MA: English Literature (GC University Lahore)
MA: Media, Culture and Communication (New York University)
Worked as: Journalist & Teacher
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:

I was a technological idiot. As new digital communication tools continue to numb our senses, I want to understand the invisible new ways in which we interface with our world, distance myself from these interfaces, and then hack them to enable new forms of journalistic, literary, rhetorical and critical practices.



Name: Munir
Surname: Jebara
Country: Palestine
BA: Computer Application Management
MA: High Studies Diploma in Information Technology
Worked as: Regional Manager for Next Wave Technologies
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I would like to Enjoy the Opportunity to Keep Learning Technologies, and work in a field that keeps encouraged to never stop learning.
We are aware that technology changes at the speed of light, which is why many organizations invest heavily in the continuing education of technologies.
When I got the chance to know about “DClead” Digital Communication Leadership studies, in the university of Salzburg, I found this program is going to be a solid step towards my future career as a highly qualified person, and as my ultimate career idea to hold a management position this program will give me the chance to learn about Technology and circulation of knowledge in the digital era, and more this study provides me with a unique opportunity to use my tech skills to come up with innovative and creative solutions.