Application Form

It is now possible to apply as self-funding student starting the programme on 25. September 2017. Please use the form below. Applications will be accepted until all 25 places are assigned. Note that the form requires you to upload one single PDF of max 50 MB containing several documents. If you are not familiar with attaching PDF files together or reducing the size of a PDF file, please note that there are several open-source PDF Editors on the Internet, for all kind of platforms (e.g. on

To prepare for the application, please check our Requirements page.

Please note that the E+ Scholarships for the intake of students starting on 25 September 2017 have been already allocated. It will be possible to apply for an E+ scholarship for starting the programme in September 2018 from June or July of this year. The deadline for submission of an application for an E+ Scholarships starting in September 2018, will be 1. December 2017.

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For questions regarding the application process or requirements, please email