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Application Form - Intake 6 (Self-funded students)

At this page, you can apply as a self-funded student for Intake 6 (class starting in 2021).

Note that the form requires you to upload one single PDF of max 50 MB containing several documents. If you are not familiar with attaching PDF files together or reducing the size of a PDF file, please note that there are several open-source PDF Editors on the Internet, for all kind of platforms (e.g. on Snapfiels or ILovePDF).

To prepare for the application, please check our Requirements page.

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    1. Personal Details


    1.1 Address

    1.2 Visa

    2. English Proficiency
    Please note that proof of English proficiency in form of one of the options below is required in order to register for the programme. However, candidates can still take a test and provide the results before the end of May.


    Please note that each of the following fields (marked with *) requires an answer. If you haven't taken the corresponding English test, please select "No" from the menu.



    Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)

    Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)?

    Cambridge First Certificate?


    Please note that other proof of English proficiency are considered for the selection process, but if you have not been awarded a Bachelor or Master's Degree that was entirely held in English, from an institution based in either Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Canada, you will have to provide one of the accepted certificates listed above before starting the programme. There are strictly no exceptions to this rule.

    3. Academic Qualifications
    Note that applicants must already have at least a Bachelor's degree in order to apply. If you have more than one Bachelor's and/or Master's degree, please list in order of relevance.

    3.1 Bachelor's degree(s)


    3.2 Master's degree (if applicable)



    4 Statement of Financial Resources for Self-Funding Students

    5. Choice of Specialization Track

    Note that POLINN includes one year mobility in Brussels (Belgium), TECMAN includes one year mobility in Copenhagen (Denmark) and ICT4D includes one year mobility in Wageningen (the Netherlands).

    Fields for ICT4D: Anthropology, Communications, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, European Studies, International Relations and International Organizations, Environmental Social Studies, Political Science, Human Geography, and Sociology.

    6. References
    Please type the contact details of two (or three) persons willing to provide a reference for you. They should be able to communicate in English or German. Note that it is advised to list at least one academic reference from previous studies. The referees in this list can be the same persons that have provided recommendation letters.

    6.1 First Reference (mandatory)


    6.2 Second Reference (mandatory)


    6.3 Third Reference (optional)


    7. Attachments

    Please upload ONE PDF file only of maximum 14MB, named yourname.2020.pdf (where your name is your first family name) containing the following documents:

    [Checklist, please select if you have included the following items in the one file document IN THIS ORDER]
    Curriculum Vitae (CV) based on the English template from the Europass Website‎
    (Optional) Scanned copies of original university diplomas‎
    (Optional) Scanned copies of the translation of the original university diplomas, if they are not in English or German
    (Optional) Scanned copies of University transcripts‎
    (Optional) Scanned copies of the translation of University transcripts, if they are not in English or German‎
    (Optional) Scanned copies of English test results or diplomas
    A motivational letter of minimum 4.000 and maximum 6.000 characters including spaces, formatted as described on the website (Admission Requirements)‎
    At least two and maximum three recommendation letters‎

    Attachment of required document* (IMPORTANT!)
    Please note that there are many online sources of information about reducing the size of PDF files and/or attaching documents together into one file. There are many free software solutions that allow to do this (e.g. this). Candidates that are worthy of selection for a digital communication leadership programme are expected to be able to find a solution to a simple issue that concern practical aspects of digital communication.

    8. Declaration
    Please note that the submission of the form will not be available without the acceptance of the following conditions.

    I understand that:*

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