DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Media and Communications
Worked as: Previously worked in marketing, currently working in AI policy

I have chosen DCLead because: I have chosen DClead because I developed an interest in how todays technological advancements affect our society. The combination of exploring this while being around policy makers in Brussels seemed like the perfect combination. Moreover, DClead offers a unique chance to meet and engage with individuals who possess diverse perspectives and learn from their experiences.

Ida VelthovenNorway

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Communication Science
Worked as: Communication and marketing industry for 3+ years, also contributing to political research in the Institute for Political Science

I have chosen DCLead because: I choose this program to learn more about digital communication and the impacts it has. I’m specializing in POLINN because I believe in the power on communication and I would like to contribute to the communication towards the people about the issues related to democracy and politics. I especially want to help Hungarian people to have independent information again. This programme so far has been exciting and made me grow, I met many new, interesting, smart people who thought me about the world.

Orsolya KostyálHungary

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Communication Studies
Worked as: Digital Copywriter, Social Media Specialist, and Business Owner of bvb.films

I have chosen DCLead because: As someone who comes from an area in the United States with one of the most prominent digital divides across the country, I am passionate about the digital communication dilemma that encompasses our lives. DCLead has offered me the experience of exploring and finding innovative ways to solve the digital divide, the digital sphere we are growing to understand deeper. DCLead has helped me step outside my comfort zone and challenged me academically and personally. I hope to use the knowledge I will gain in this program to lead initiatives that lessen the digital divide gap and help aid the creation of policies that provide internet access to citizens.

Brooke Valerie BiasellaUnited States

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Digital Communication
MA: MA in Communication & Culture
Worked as: Inbound Marketing Specialist, Content Creator & Social Media Manager

I have chosen DCLead because: The idea of studying a Master’s degree in several countries abroad, with classmates from all over the world and doing it entirely in English had always appealed to me. When I found DCLead, whose syllabus was strongly aligned with my previous studies, but with the added bonus of a strong ethical and human centered approach to technology, I knew I wanted to be part of it. Moreover, I chose POLINN track due to my interest in AI regulation, and the role the EU is playing in regulating it.

Pilar RocaSpain

“It provides the practical and theoretical tools to understand our hyperconnected and data driven societies from an interdisciplinary and ethical perspective, while also considering the profound inequalities that exist in our world. DCLead is a life-changing experience which allows you to build a strong and inspiring international network.”

DelfinaIntake 7 student

“I believe DCLead is a golden opportunity. With the collaborative and ethical environment at DCLead, I hope to master ICT4D to engage more efficiently with the people, understand their stories deeper, and contribute to building bridges for marginalized communities facing this crisis.”

KevinIntake 5 student

“The multidisciplinary approach of DCLead makes it the perfect program for those who want to think about the business potentials of the digital technologies while being aware of the ethical values of these, the policies they need, and how we can work together for a world with less inequalities.”

John GustavoIntake 6 student

“The diverse community of DCLead places the program in the perfect position to analyze various perspectives that equip us to become ethical and inclusive leaders needed in this era.”

MichelleIntake 7 student

DCLead Track: ICT4D
Ba: International Relations
Worked as: Communication and PR manager

I have chosen DCLead because: The field of digital communication disrupts the way we produce and consume the information. This program disrupts the way of being a strategic leader in this volatile world of digital communication. This is a great power, so you need to learn from the best. It works well in developed countries and Europe is a great example. As I worked in the project funded by the European Union, I admired the professional approach of my former colleagues. Studying in DCLead advances my existing skills and knowledge, and pushes me beyond my limits to explore creative ways of thinking and be open to different cultures.

Madina IskazinaKazakhstan

DCLead Track: TECMAN
Bsc: Computer Science
Worked as: Software Developer, Commodity Manager, Educator

I have chosen DCLead because: It is one of the few programs that invest so much in the people and that is so international (18 nationalities in our intake). This is no anonymous master, where you are one student of many. It is personal, involved, intense, challenging and will change you. Not only are the professors professionally great, but many are also great personalities and really inspiring people, who deeply care about this program and their students. Everyone here wants to do something meaningful.

Nickels WitteGermany