DCLead Students 2018-2020: Intake 3

Name: Abduvoris
Surname: Abduvakhobov
Country: Uzbekistan
BSc: Business Information Systems, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Worked as: Bidding Engineer at IT TSD team, Uzbekistan BSSC, Huawei technologies
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
During the process of developing and deploying information systems, I have observed the fact that mastering solely technical knowledge on ICT is not enough for a successful accomplishment of business goals. DCLead paves the way for acquiring excellent communication and presentation skills and keen insight on impacts of digitalization on businesses and public institutions. Therefore, I reckon DC Lead as the perfect match for gaining the insight of social and ethical aspects of deploying ICT systems. Opportunity to conduct a research on emerging technological trends such as IoT, AI, machine learning and Blockchain under the supervision of top quality academics from all over the world is another unique aspect of this programme.


Name: Aigerim
Surname: Baigunussova
Country: Kazakhstan
BSc: Information systems
MSc: Information systems
Worked as: Project manager
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
The study in different European countries is an excellent opportunity for such a short time to acquire foreign experience, to expand background and improve my managerial skills, as well as to get acquainted with interesting people from all over the world. Moreover, the study will allow me to learn from professors with vast experience in this field, which I can use to further build my career in my homeland. In my future plans, I will become the Project Manager, who will be able to carry out various kinds of projects regardless of scale and difficulty, as well as share my experience with young specialists who have chosen the same path as I did. In particular, I want to inspire and support women who have chosen technical studies.


Name: Andrei Ionut
Surname: Olarasu
Country: Romania
BSc: Business Information Systems, ‘Al. I. Cuza’ University in Iasi, Romania
Worked as: Workforce Management Traffic Analyst; Software Developer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Although I have a technical academic background, I am also interested in different social science topics and my main goal is to become a social entrepreneur. Having this in mind, I think DCLead is a programme through which I will better understand certain topics and in the same time gain access to a wide network of professionals and different mindsets, all of which is almost mandatory if I plan to succeed as an entrepreneur in a digitized future.


Name: Consuelo Eufemia
Surname: Naranjo Lara
Country: Ecuador
BA: Science in Communication
Worked as: Journalist 
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
The curriculum offered by DCLead will provide me with an outstanding and unique professional network from all around the world. Its interdisciplinary and intercultural classes will prepare me to maintain ethical awareness at all times within the communications field. In terms of education and the possibility of academic research, no one has better qualifications than The Paris-Lodron Universität Salzburg and The Vrije Universiteit Brussel faculty. After covering topics that range from political, economic and social issues, to religion and technology in the journalism environment, my purpose in life is to outlook any social component—sometimes rooted in stereotypes—and to overcome any mental barriers connected to the fear of the unknown by asking and listening. l plan on becoming a news correspondent as well as marketing management expert for a multilingual international media/ digital outlet and international organizations.


Name: Fatima
Surname: Ali
Country: Pakistan
BA (HONS): Mass Communication and Journalism, Beaconhouse National University – Pakistan
MA: Masters in Business Administration, University of Wales – United Kingdom
Worked as: Head of New Media & Digital, Communications Specialist and Writer
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I’m captivated by the initiatives taken by this program in terms of its diversity, interdisciplinary research trajectory and how it aims to play a central role in bringing people together. My interests related to new media, communications, governance, public administration, gender policies, and sociology align with several core themes that encompasses the DCLead ethos. This program is the natural step for my personal calling and I strongly believe that it will facilitate me with better understanding of digital strategies needed to turn policy choices into impact. I chose DCLead because it provides me with the ideal platform to achieve the required tutelage that I need to drive change in my society through digital mediums. Being surrounded by experienced faculty and peers who share the same intellectual interests as me makes for a rewarding learning environment. This academic journey critically analyzes how present-day cultures are molded by social media, digital activism, online mobilization, data, algorithms, platforms, etc. I am hoping to delve into the intricacies of what it truly means to live in an ever-evolving age of new media. At the end of the day, I want to be in a position where I learn to unabashedly question the status quo, develop well-informed opinions and seek new perspectives. If you’re passionate about changing the narrative, this is the place for you.


Name: Gabriel
Surname: Rosa da Mata Ribeiro
Country: Brazil
BA: Social Communication – Journalism, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)
Worked as: Journalist and TV Producer
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
As DCLead Programme focuses on areas such as technologies and their
developments; policy and innovation; business and management; digital communication and culture; and ethics and social responsibility; I truly believe this is the perfect environment to develop a research with the purpose of establishing new approaches and
models on what it takes to create powerful digital communications. The multicultural aspects of DCLead are also very important. With colleagues from more than ten different countries, the programme offers the perfect opportunity to create and develop bonds with people from all over the planet, helping to reduce inequality gaps and creating a more integrated world.


Name: Janneke
Surname: Aerssens
Country: The Netherlands
BA: Communication Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I am interested in both communication and the digital world. This programme combines the two and provides more in-dept knowledge about these.
Furthermore, it brings people from all over the world together, which gives you a broader insight in other cultures.


Name: Katharina Kimberly
Surname: Beck
Country: Germany
BA: Communication Science and Political Science at LMU Munich
Worked as: Marketing and Communications Consultant
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I have chosen DC Lead because: Hardly anything has ever changed our society as profoundly as the digitalization of communication processes, as social media or the internet of things for example. The holistic approach of the programme offers a technological, societal, political and ecological point of view on digital transformation and innovation. Moreover, I appreciate the chance to work together with people from all over the world coming from various academic and professional backgrounds. I am convinced that differences create a greater value in the end.


Name: Linet
Surname: Lores
Country: Cuba
BSc: Engineering in Computer Sciences
Worked as: Quality Manager, Software Analyst, and Professor at the University of Computer Sciences, Cuba. Self-employed in own Lodging business
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Among many other Masters programmes, DCLead goes beyond any other programme I have ever encountered. Because its unique multidisciplinary and multicultural composition with a global perspective, this is a programme of the Future. The more I went deep into its content, the more convinced I was of how it absolutely matches my interests, experiences and dreams.
Adding to practical experience and training, I believe this course will equip me with a deeper strategic and critical understanding of business management in our digitized world, which will be instrumental to both my career and personal aims. Furthermore, it will grant me with possibility and credibility to implement new organizational forms and business models in Cuba, a country that for the time being, seems to be on pause.
Living in a society of digital communication and business technology, DCLead is a gun for leaders who believe that hard effort, persistence and commitment, may create real progress.


Name: Nkechi Victoria
Surname: Osuji
Country: Nigeria
BSc(ED): Computer Science and Education Lagos State Univeristy Ojo Lagos
Worked as: Business Development Manager/Video Content Manager at She Leads Africa
Youtube Channel: Nkechi Osuji
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
The program is a perfect match with my undergraduate degree and work experiences. The DCLead program focuses on technology, communication and leadership which combines economic, managerial, media, social responsibility and ethic-cultural dimensions of digital communication. This is an absolute approach to help me achieve my career goals of becoming a DIGITAL COMMUNICATION EXPERT. I’m really passionate about empowering young people around the world especially African women in today’s society through digital technology and communication. I strongly believe that African women DO NOT ONLY belong to “the kitchen, the living room and the other room” but we can transform our community through IOT infrastructures and effective communication. UBUNTU!


Name: Oyinkansola Adeola
Surname: Awolo
Country: Nigeria
BA: Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Akoka
MA: Diploma II: Law. Diploma, Online Reputation Management
Worked as: Social Media Strategist and Lead, Business Development
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a marriage of my current life and my long term goal; digital communication and e-governance. The fact that it further empowers me with the skill set needed to impact lives positively and be a thought leader with a global perspective is an invaluable experience. With the knowledge gained from DCLead and my awe-inspiring professors, I hope to become a stellar Storyteller, Policy Consultant and Social Entrepreneur. Also with DCLead in the picture, I see myself clearly shaping legislation and assisting governmental and non-governmental organisations in creating innovative policy solutions to development challenges peculiar to Nigeria and Africa.
Lastly, relating with 17 other brilliant minds from other countries every day isn’t something I’d trade for the world!


Name: Rituparna
Surname: Banerjee
Country: India
BA: Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
MA: Journalism, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
Worked as: Journalist at Hindustan Times (MINT), The Indian Express, The Economist Intelligence Unit
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Through my professional work over five years, I acquired intimate insights into the consequences of how issues of politics and information flow affect the human grassroots; being an active witness to the proliferation of digital media causing fundamental paradigm changes socially. The integral role played by digital media in forming public opinion has increased exponentially, and continues to escalate today. I chose the DCLead programme because of its comprehensive curriculum that will enable me to understand the interplay between changes and design of digital media technologies on the one hand, and transition in the ways the citizens adopt and use this media in their everyday life, on the other. I think the structure of the course will also allow me to pursue a focussed academic study on the interconnections between society, governance and communication. Furthermore, studying amongst other internationally represented Erasmus Mundus scholars will be invaluable for my contact with various cultural, academic and professional backgrounds.


Name: Rosanna
Surname: Fanni
Country: Germany and Italy
BA: Media, Communication and Political Science
Worked as: Crossmedia News Coordinator
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
During my previous academic career at Freie Universität Berlin and UCL London, I focused on issues the European political and public sphere is facing nowadays. DCLead amplifies this as the programme’s approach places digital communication at the interface between scientific research and professional practice. Alongside my international 17 fellow students, I aim to improve critically assessing how users and decision-makers continuously shape increasingly mediated interaction and technological surrounding. I consider this interdisciplinary viewpoint essential in order to investigate further the impact of change: in communication and technology alike.


Name: Sarah Julia
Surname: Jeske
Country: Germany
BSc: Media Informatics, LMU Munich, Germany
Worked as: UX/UI Designer, Software Developer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
The challenges in digital communication of the near future will require leaders to have solid technical knowledge of the digital world and the ability to demonstrate their personal credibility and assertiveness. Moreover, solutions to these challenges need to be both sustainable and ethical. Coming from a computer science background, I look forward to combining my previous studies with social sciences and management studies within the DCLead program to master this notion of leadership.
In addition, the cultural diversity and various professional backgrounds of my fellow students make it a unique experience in which we all will learn and benefit from each other.


Name: Sharona
Surname: Boonman
Country: The Netherlands
BSc: Liberal arts and sciences with a double major in economics and business
MSc: Communication and information sciences with a specialisation in data science: business and governance
Worked as: Data analyst
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe that an intense multidisciplinary degree with a multicultural group of people can help to get the best out of myself. All my fellow students are ambitious and have knowledge, skills and/or abilities that I can learn from. Furthermore, I like that we get the opportunity to live in at least two countries during this master degree, allowing us to get a greater international experience. Also, I think that this master is a nice addition to my previous master in data science. Therefore, I think that I will be even better prepared for my future career after this degree.


Name: Spriha
Surname: Dhanuka
Country: India
BA: Honours Double Major in History and Film & Media Studies from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
Worked as: Public Relations Consultant for Consumer Startups
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
My generation has often been criticized for being obsessed with the internet, with the digital, with the networked. Today, it seems impossible, and unwise, not to be so, when everything in our world from politics to personal relationships to daily rituals is so closely impacted by digital communication. DCLead gives me the opportunity to critically engage with this changing digital reality from multiple perspectives to gain a well-rounded view of this world and be able to effectively contribute. The program’s mission to bring together the socio-cultural and the technical, and focus on creating global discourse, through engaging with fellow DCLeaders and participating in educational opportunities throughout the world, makes me feel confident that we will emerge with a holistic and well-informed view, ready to lead this digital world.


Name: Tommaso Maria
Surname: Fornoni
Country: Italy
BSc: Digital Communication (Computer Science Department) – University of Milan
Worked as: Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker, UX/UI Designer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I have chosen DCLead because: I believe that in every process technical competences need to be enhanced through the comprehension of complexity. Understanding digital communication in its integrity is not only necessary, but it must also be an ethical duty of whoever aims to be a leader. I believe DCLead offers me the opportunity to reach this complete view of digital communication, giving me an outstanding preparation regarding the technical, social and ethical aspects of it. In other words, DCLead will guide me on the path to become the leader I want to be.


Name: Zsofia
Surname: Meszaros
Country: Hungary
BA: Film Studies
Worked as: Product Manager
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
In my search for a Masters program I was looking for a course which would not only compliment my academic experience but I would also be able to benefit from my professional experience during my studies. I choose DClead because I want to focus on the presence of social issues in different media outlets. The main areas of interests which lead me to apply were online democracy, education, and communication. The course lays a large emphasis on studying the social, ecomic, and political aspect of the digital. It is also a space where I can meet and work with like-minded people from all over the world. The program encourages its student to be initiative, independent, and ambitious.

DCLead Students 2017-2019: Intake 2

Name: Aisha
Surname: Villegas López
Country: México
BSc: Communication Studies, Universidad Latina de América, UNLA – México
Worked as: Account executive and Project Leader for Cinépolis
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I recognized that topics such as digital communication, technology innovation and understanding the relationship between culture and the function of information technologies within our society are a huge interest of mine. I believe that DCLead offers unique opportunities for communication specialists like myself and by being part of it, I will receive the tools, skills and knowledge needed to be better prepared for today’s ever-increasing needs and more complex projects development that our digital era faces.



Name: Ana
Surname: Pop Stefanija
Country: Macedonia
BA: General and Comparative Literature
MA:  Communication Studies / Policy Studies
Worked as: Communications Coordinator at HERA (Health Education and Research Association), Macedonia
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Of the programme and the opportunities. When considering the most suitable masters to my needs I was looking for a place that will equip me with a cutting edge knowledge for the ever-changing landscape of digital communication, and with opportunities to do research and to put the newly gained skills into practice. DCLead has all of that! I was especially drawn by the fact that the programme offers specialization in some of the most actual and pressing issues at the moment, such as algorithm governance and ethics, privacy policy and net neutrality, among others. I can confidently say that this seems like the best programme for digital communication offered in Europe at the moment.


Name: Angela Cristina
Surname: Bastidas Barrios
Country: Germany
BA: Public Relations, Hochschule Hannover – Hannover, Germany
Worked as: Marketing Communications Specialist
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
In a world that revolved around communication and where the increased use of digital media is changing people’s everyday lives, outstanding leaders who communicate effectively are needed more than ever. I’m convinced that being a part of the DCLead programme and studying at world class institutions such as the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and under the tutelage of exceptional professors and specialists, will empower myself to become a global digital leader. Additionally, by having the opportunity to spend the fourth semester as an intern at one of the associated business partners and via each year’s Summer Symposium, I will be able to keep integrating myself into an international network of academic expertise and practical insights while improving my language and intercultural skills.



Name: Angshumita
Surname: Deka
Country: India
BSc: Computer Science, St. Anthony’s College, NEHU, Shillong
MSc: Computer Science, Christ University, Bangalore
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Coming from a country where there is an uprising struggle to close the digital gap existing between different regions of the nation, the DCLead programme really caught my attention. It did not just allow me to carry forward my previous study centred around computer science, but also gave the opportunity to combine it with social ethics and management studies. To top it all, this programme provides a platform to study in an international setting with professors and students from across the globe. This is very crucial in becoming a change initiator, aligning innovative technology with social interest, in a world that’s fast growing into complete digitalization.


Name: Anna Claudia
Surname: Pinheiro Gomes
Country: Brazil
BA: Social Communication – Journalism, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)
Worked as: Journalist at the non-governmental organization (NGO) Pictures Atelier – Communication and Education, that works to promote the human rights of children, adolescents and young people.
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe digital communication changes the whole scenario for news spreading and for everyday life, and DCLead offers the opportunity to study all the aspects of these changes. The fact that DCLead offers an interdisciplinary and international point of view about this field that is constantly evolving — not just because we get to study in foreign universities, with renowned professors and and specialists, but because we are able to deal with students from all over the world, with their different experiences —  make the programme a great opportunity to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge. It enables the students to share doubts, experiences, to come up with ideas and work together in projects about questions that affect specific places or even the world.


Name: Fakhira
Surname: Bano
Country: Pakistan
BSc: Computer Science from Karakoram International University, Gilgit, Pakistan
Worked as: Software Engineer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
While working as a Software Engineer, I went through different practical experiences including the problems with the leadership that lacks digital communication skills and practices and leads to big failures. Moreover, for the innovative ideas that needed to be developed, required knowledge, information, experience and networking that DCLead provides through its courses related to digital technologies, management and research opportunity. Therefore, I considered this programme to be most important before taking an effective and impressive initiative.


Name: Irina
Surname: Bobicev
Country: Moldova
BA: Communication and Public Relations, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
The main advantage of the field of Digital Communication for me is its wide specialization possibilities. It encompasses and intertwines with diverse areas, starting from Sociology and Culture Studies and ending with IT and technology. Therefore, it allows you to gain a wider perspective on communication science in general, and then choose the sector that attracts you the most. An important reason for choosing this specific program is its focus on the socio-cultural aspects of new media and the international perspective upon policy and innovation. In my opinion, globalization and multiculturalism are some of the central features of today’s society, therefore being important factors in communication processes. DCLead’s emphasis on the European context and cross-cultural exchanges is an important advantage, and I expect that the international learning environment and cooperation with culturally diverse teams will complement the learning perspective with practical experience.


Name: Jorge
Surname: Lainfiesta
Country: Guatemala
BSc: Computer Science Engineering – Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Worked as: Software Engineer, Product Designer, Engineering Mentor
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
As we continue to understand technology, businesses and media, it becomes increasingly evident that it is necessary to have more holistic perspectives to address today’s challenges. I chose DCLead because it brings all these topics together to form leaders from different backgrounds and cultures who can think critically to build a better future.


Name: Kanokporn
Surname: Rattanacharoenporn
Country: Thailand
BSc: Computer Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
Worked as: Creative Technologist for Bit Studio
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Digital Communication Leadership programme would enrich my abilities and experiences for my prospective career. Focusing on innovation and digital management would enable me to broaden my horizons. This master programme fulfil my ambition on user experience design and creative innovation which can be used for presenting information in many aspects.


Name: Mika
Surname: Aldaba
Country: Philippines
BSc: Computer Science, Ateneo de Manila University
Worked as: Data Design Lead at Thinking Machines and Freelance Design Consultant
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
There is no other programme that combines so many technological and social science disciplines and at the same time exposing me to a lot of cultural interaction and learning. I believe that this will help me in my career path to becoming a Chief Design Officer of a creative technology company solving the world’s most difficult problems.


Name: Mouloud
Surname: Kessir
Country: Algeria
BSc: Mathematics and Computer Science (Statistical Engineering) – University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria.
Worked as: Digital Communication Specialist at World Learning in Algeria
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
The comprehensive quality of the curriculum brings together both technical and soft aspects of digital communication, combined with the Problem and Project Based Learning approach make DCLead a unique and a special opportunity. DCLead also links both media from business, technical and artistic perspectives, with the media’s impact on society, economy and politics, a prospect in which I have long been interested.


Name: Nina
Surname: van der Giessen
Country: The Netherlands
BA: Media and Culture Studies, University of Amsterdam
Worked as: Social Media strategist, Online specialist
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Exceptional professors and a small group of students, a great recipe for a fantastic masters program. Moreover, DCLead gives me the opportunity to study in (at least) two mighty cities. What not to love? After meeting our partners during the Summer School, I was impressed. What a wide range of options in the 4th semester! It is a great honor to be selected as a DCLead student. So far, it has been incredible to study with the great minds from all over the world.


Name: Rehman
Surname: Zahaid
Country: Pakistan
BSc: (Hons.) Social Sciences (Major in Political Science and Minor in Media Studies)
Worked as: Journalist, Editor and Project Coordinator (Simorgh)
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
There are vast lacunae in the field of digital communication in my home country. As a journalist in the 21st century, it is imperative to usher media houses of developing countries to the new age, with more methods of communication and information dissemination. I started this process back at home, but much more was needed for the media houses of Pakistan to even think of competing with international trends and practices. DC Lead will help me understand the structure of digital communication in the world at large, and look towards helping implement policies that ensure the improvement of communication across the world, while looking to prevent large corporations from taking advantage of the average user with little to no information about how the entire system works.


Name: Rodelio
Surname: Concepcion
Country: Philippines
BA: Film and Audiovisual Communication (cum laude), University of the Philippines Diliman
MA: Communications, California State University Fullerton
Worked as: Multimedia Operations/ Webcast Team Manager (Asia), Thomson Reuters; Senior Project Manager (Asia Pacific), EQS Group Ltd.; Digital Media Producer, Turner Broadcasting (Cartoon Network); Webcast and Virtual Events Manager (Asia Pacific), ON24 Inc
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
With my experience in managing digital media technologies for clients in Asia and Australia, doing virtual social media volunteer work for an NGO in Africa and getting a professional masters from a US university, I consider the DCLead program as the missing piece in my aim to gain expertise in global digital communications, as the program looks into the digital media policy and innovation in Europe. The program prepares its students to be leaders in digital communications in the future, providing them with the necessary skills to strategically manage and/or extensively research on the dynamics among digital technologies and innovations, and the society. I aim to take on leadership positions in the digital media industry and be an expert in the field in the future, and the program, together with its partner companies and institutions, provide a great vehicle for me to achieve these in the future.



Name: Sangam
Surname: Silpakar
Country: Nepal
BA: Media Studies, Kathmandu University, Nepal
MA: Public Administration, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Worked as: Communications Coordinator
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
This is an extremely unique course that has collaborated with communicators and technologists to discuss on contemporary global issues of digitised world and prepare them to be leaders in the very competitive sector. The program’s values and objectives exactly matches with my interests given my prior experiences in the field of media, development and policies. I am confident the course will teach me the ways to actively and meaningfully participate in the development and policymaking process through the power of digital communication and contribute to social change with creative and innovative approaches. Also, sharing classroom with diverse people from around the world with different walks of life has obviously a lot to offer.


Name: Tigran
Surname: Gevorgyan
Country: Armenia
BA: Information Technologies Management – Yerevan, Armenia
Worked as: Project Manager in Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
A Master’s degree in DC LEAD will help me develop a cross-functional approach towards understanding the nuances of management and digital technologies. What particularly attracts me to this program is its innovative approach. Apart from the depth one gathers in certain academic fields, he acquires practical and hands-on experience with the ability to think strategically and solve problems, building strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication and presentation skills and a global perspective on business processes. By the time a student graduates, he is rich with comprehensive and an in-depth knowledge across all functional areas. Besides, DC LEAD places the students in the same kind of team environment that exists in most of the top business organizations today. Student become adept at collaboration and team problem solving, and they challenge each other to think from different perspectives. Overall, I believe that DC LEAD’s curriculum molds the student into a complete professional, fully equipped to face the challenges of emerging business environments.


Name: Thi Thuy Ngan
Surname: Dang
Country: Vietnam
BSc: Software Engineering – FPT University Vietnam
Worked as: Product Manager for Rakuten Inc, Japan
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I am fascinated with the fact that the whole world operates differently because of the internet. More opportunities are opened which also means more challenges for humankind.  Have been urging for shifting my career from technical to business and social aspects for the last couple of years, “I need appropriate approaches and methodologies to get involved.” I find what the program offers is very unique, for its aims and technique, as well as culture – wide environment and network. I am optimistic about seeing myself, together with other DC Leaders in communication area, we are changing the world better.


Name: Yasmim
Surname: Silva Pessoa
Country: Brazil
BA: Social Communication – Journalism
Worked as: Digital Content Producer, Copywriter
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I have always been interested in the digital aspect of communication, both in a practical and theoretical level. DCLead is a great opportunity to explore this diverse field in a master’s level at the same time that it allows me to live a life changing experience in two different countries.

DCLead Students 2016-2018: Intake 1

Name: Ana Cristina
Surname: Rocha Robleto
Country: Nicaragua
BA: Information Technologies and Systems Engineering, Universidad Centroamericana, UCA – Nicaragua
Worked as: Software Engineer
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe that Digital Communications have the potential to improve life in many ways.
These tools have become an essential part of everyday activities such as communicating, advertising, research, marketing, entertainment and so on. I want to be part of the revolution and I think DCLead program will provide me with the knowledge I need to be a leader in this field.


Name: Amalia Nurul
Surname: Muthmainnah
Country: Indonesia
BA: Bachelor of Communications, Universitas Airlangga
Worked as: Journalist & Copywriter
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
This program combines the two sides of me. As a former journalist, I’m passionate about media, especially from its social and political perspectives. And as a copywriter, I’m interested about economics and business in media and communication. Particularly, in this digital era, where there are a lot of new phenomenons which we never experienced before. Talking about digital era, Indonesia is one of the countries with highest internet users in the world. My country also forecasted to be the digital powerhouse in South East Asia. I am so excited about this and I believe that courses in DCLead will give me a lot of knowledge as well as experiences which will expedite me to contribute and embrace this amazing opportunity in the future. And so far, I enjoy DCLead and don’t regret my choice at all!


Name: Alena
Surname: Sidarovich
Country: Belarus
BA: Support of Intercultural Communication, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus;
Worked as: Communication and Information Specialist
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Since the program will equip me with a critical awareness of the main aspects in social media, digital audiences and online governance, and will update and extend my understanding of digital media focusing on cultural practices and new media changes. The program is of a special interest for the reason that the Master in Digital Communication Leadership focuses not simply on the communication as a social phenomenon and European institutions as political bodies, but on the relations between innovations and society; on the correlation between media and communication, on the one hand, and the main media players’ reflection, on the other. It is my strong belief that the DCLead studies will result in high-performance training and achieving guaranteed results in my education and career.


Name: Dina
Surname: Ibrahim
Country: Egypt
BA: Mass Media, South Valley University
MA: Pre-Master in European and Mediterranean Studies, Cairo University
Worked as: Programme and Media Coordiantor at Tahrir Lounge Goethe project
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
Its content introduces essential theoretical and practical framework for central topics regarding communication, economics, society, culture, politics and innovations. This combination will provide me with the knowledge and experience to achieve my ambition to be a future leader in the field of political communication.
I find the program extremely comprehensive with a huge number of news organizations and universities contributing on supporting and conducting it, which adding another significant advantage that will enrich my professional and academic experiences. Besides, it will offer me a golden opportunity to build upon my network with both professional and academic colleagues who share with me the same interests in digital communication and hope to be pioneers in the field.


Name: Durai Subramaniam
Surname: Selvaraj
Country: India
BSc: Mass Communication, Advertisement, Journalism
MSc: Communication
Worked as: Executive at Confederation of Indian Industry, India ; Senior Marketing and Sales Executive at GFTPL, India
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I want to excel in the field of Digital Communication where I could take on complex, new age, communication problems that challenge my intellect and fire my imagination. It is my belief that pursuing an education here would be the next best step towards this goal and a career in such a field in an intellectually stimulating academic environment will offer me an excellent way to contribute my bit to the lifelong process of development and dissemination of knowledge. The course provides a deeper and broader knowledge on Digital Communication with social responsibility and ethical cultural dimensions which would not only hone my skills but also make me competent in today’s globalised world.


Name: Ishaqur
Surname: Rahman
Country: Bangladesh
BA: Computer Science and Engineering, North South University
Worked as: Business Development and Project Manager at Dnet, Bangladesh
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Given my educational background in Computer Science and Engineering and my professional background in project management, I feel that DCLead would be the most suitable avenue of combining those two and catalysing my goal of working as a project manager at an international IT/solutions/media firm.


Name: Joyce
Surname: Zaide
BA: Communication Research (cum laude), University of the Philippines-Diliman
MA: Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore
Worked as: Researcher/Analyst, Armed Forces of the Philippines; Research Assistant, Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore; Communications Officer, Nalanda–Sriwijaya Centre at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
The DCLead programme is unique compared to other existing programmes related to new media in that there is emphasis in the leadership aspect. Gaining the necessary intellectual and emotional depth for understanding the dynamics among digital technology, communications, policy and society, at a more advanced level, is an important factor that will help one become a skilful and responsible communications professional. I foresee that in finishing this programme, I will emerge as a digital communications expert who possesses the necessary tools for becoming an effective advocate, a facilitator of learning and a competent leader.


Name: Michelle Anne
Surname: Tabirao
Country: Philippines
BA: Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Worked as: Open Source Evangelist/Project Coordinator at 8layer Technologies Inc/ Business Consult CRV Embedded System and Design
DCLead Track: B
Blog: Jeepney Stories
I have chosen DCLead because:

I strongly believe that Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) Program, will help me in my future endeavors because it’s aligned to my undergraduate degree and work experiences. The program’s focus on the leadership and empowerment, economic and managerial, digital technologies, media and communication knowledge, social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions of digital communication is indeed a holistic approach for a life long learner like me. I strongly believe that this program will help me achieve my goal, to be an INNOVATION SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR in the future.  To harness the power of open innovation, open source and IOT infrastructures to reform the community. My core focus will be on advocacy, technology and policy, this is achievable through transformation of ideas into a thriving culture towards excellence and social impact and  collaboration of the community.


Name: Mathias Felipe
Surname: de Lima Santos
Country: Brazil
BA: Computer Science, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp)
Communication – Journalism, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Worked as:
Production Assistant for Olympics, Journalist for Sports Magazine, IT and Communication Professional for Ericsson, Embraer, J&J and SENAC SP.
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I chose DCLead Master Program because it allows me to work with my two backgrounds. In addition, the program is one-step ahead of others Master, when it integrates technology and communication concerning the current issues and challenges. A unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn with a top academic team with different backgrounds also make my eyes shine.


Name: Shahnoza
Surname: Bekbulaeva
Country: Uzbekistan
BA: Informatics and Information Technologies, Tashkent University of Information Technology, Uzbekistan
Worked as: Digital Customer Engagement Specialist
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
Uzbekistan is a developing country where digital technologies are in initial phase of development. I want to make a research in digital communication technologies in the context of policy and digital communication in Europe, to understand the development of communication technologies in my country and forthcoming issues. Master’s degree seems to me a next logical step to gain credibility in international community and benefit from the academic discussion with practical knowledge and skills. The prospect of studying in DC Lead appealed to me as it perfectly matches with my ambition: it is ideal place to benefit from academic–scientific integrity and learn about ethical principles, to become an expert in the field of digital communication. Moreover, I am excited about Problem Based Learning method, international mobility scheme, students’ diversity, and the opportunity to develop multicultural skills. Personally I am keen on learning languages and planning to master German in order to enhance my career opportunities. In my opinion, the modules in DCLead are perfectly tailored to prepare professionals to approach issues in interdisciplinary manner.



Name: Ruiqi
Surname: Zhou
Country: China
BA: Information Management and Information System, East China Normal University
Worked as: Digital Marketer, Business Analyst, Editor & Contributor @
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
It dazzles me how the new media era changes everything, good or bad. I’ve always felt there’s a piece missing in my professional career. Having worked on several projects made me realize my needs to optimize communication. The program starts with the basis communication theories and methodologies and in my track B, Aalborg University’s problem-based-learning inspires me, simply cannot wait for my project coming alive off the paper.



Name: Abdul Aziz
Surname: Aziz
Country: Bangladesh
BA: Bachelor of Social Science, University of Chittagong
MA: Master of Science, VHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.
Worked as: Journalist (New Age, The Asian Age); Research Assistant
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
I aim to explore the nature of digital communication in different settings to understand the impact of new media on economic growth and policy design. More specifically, I am interested in ‘digital divide’ or ‘digital inequality’ in order to ensure social change and development in both European and non-European context. For instance, the multiple aspects of digital inequality in terms of access, usage, skills, and self-perceptions, as well as future lines of research, the significance of digital inequalities in a broad range of individual-level and macro-level domains (gender, class, ; health care, politics, economic activity, and social capital and development interventions (policies, projects or actions).
I believe the DCLead program will help me to combine these dimensions between economy and social aspects, technology and culture, individual needs and society. In addition, the program will guide me to acquire deep and broad knowledge and skills for innovative ideas and discussions as well as a profound academic ground in the area of digital communication. DCLead Programme has a benchmark international network of academic expertise and practical insights to focus on new media, media management which will facilitate the potentiality of my knowledge and skills in the field of digital media and communication.
I believe, DCLead is a timely initiative that will help me understand the multidimensional aspects of media question to explore the interdisciplinary approach of communication and social development.



Name: Maia
Surname: Giorgadze
Country: Georgia
BA1: Economics and Business Administration, Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
BA2: International Business Programme, Østfold University College (Norway)
Worked as: Database Manager
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a brand-new and challenging master program. Here I found a unique opportunity to combine economic-managerial, technological, media and communication skills. It teaches me the important aspects how to become a successful leader with the assistance of effective communication tools but without losing focus on social responsibility and ethical-cultural issues. The program involves at least two universities and two countries, where I can find different approaches and broaden my perspectives. This program gives me a chance to get advice and recommendations from the qualified professors with different backgrounds. At the same time, it offers internships at world-known organizations in order to work on the master thesis. Thus theory is implemented in practice. I think that the experience I will obtain during the period of studying in the consortium will be a valuable tool to open up new opportunities for my career. Besides, one of the most important reasons why DCLead stands out compared to similar programs, is its cultural diversity of incoming students! It feels like I have visited every country in the world by making a simple conversation with my fellow students. I get to know the trends, possibilities and obstacles in different countries from them. DCLead is a global program which can help students become real professionals and make new friends throughout the world.



Name: Markus
Surname: Neudecker
Country: Germany
BA: Arts in Communication Science at University of Salzburg
Worked as: Student Assistant at University of Salzburg, Intern at Red Bull Media House
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:
DCLead Track A Digital Communication, Policy and Innovation in Europe
I have chosen DCLead because it allows me to focus on media politics and media economics. Further I am interested in digital Communication as a Tool for the Public in form of E-Service and Social Media but also as a enhancer of the new media and a possibility for E-Governance. The program addresses topics like digital Communication, Policy, Innovation, digital technology and management combined with the consideration for social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions. Further the program offers an international approach to this topics because of the diverse Partner Universities and Industry Partners. In my opinion this business and academic bonds will support me with my master thesis and will be beneficial for my further career. Last but not least my fellow students who come from different academic and business backgrounds and also from over 15 different cultures. Their knowledge and their stories help and inspire me every day in my academic work and thinking and also my personal life.



Name: Alessandro
Surname: Amati
Country: Italy
BA: Computer Engineering
MA: Computer Systems and Networks Engineering
Worked as: Manager at Procter and Gamble
DC Lead track: B
I have chosen the DC Lead because:
I am a young entrepreneur and my ambition is to expand my expertise in the fields of ICT, digital marketing and social media communication.
Nevertheless my previous experiences, I feel that I still need to deepen my knowledge in the vast area of digital communication management, key part of the services I want to provide through my company. For this reason, after searching for a challenging program able to give me a strong foundation in leadership and digital communication, I believe that the ‘‘Digital Communication Leadership’’ EMJMD program is a strong representative of the high level of learning that I am looking for.
Being part of the DC Lead Program is providing me with the perfect opportunity to become a specialist in Digital Communication Leadership to pursue my entrepreneurial ambition with a proper foundation for succeed.



Name: Harris
Surname: Bin Munawar
Country: Pakistan
BSc (Hons): Computing (University of Portsmouth)
MA: English Literature (GC University Lahore)
MA: Media, Culture and Communication (New York University)
Worked as: Journalist & Teacher
DCLead Track: A
I have chosen DCLead because:

I was a technological idiot. As new digital communication tools continue to numb our senses, I want to understand the invisible new ways in which we interface with our world, distance myself from these interfaces, and then hack them to enable new forms of journalistic, literary, rhetorical and critical practices.



Name: Munir
Surname: Jebara
Country: Palestine
BA: Computer Application Management
MA: High Studies Diploma in Information Technology
Worked as: Regional Manager for Next Wave Technologies
DCLead Track: B
I have chosen DCLead because:
I would like to Enjoy the Opportunity to Keep Learning Technologies, and work in a field that keeps encouraged to never stop learning.
We are aware that technology changes at the speed of light, which is why many organizations invest heavily in the continuing education of technologies.
When I got the chance to know about “DClead” Digital Communication Leadership studies, in the university of Salzburg, I found this program is going to be a solid step towards my future career as a highly qualified person, and as my ultimate career idea to hold a management position this program will give me the chance to learn about Technology and circulation of knowledge in the digital era, and more this study provides me with a unique opportunity to use my tech skills to come up with innovative and creative solutions.