Procedure and Deadlines
Applying for Intake 9: September 2024 to September 2026

It is important to note that there are no Erasmus+ Scholarships awarded for this Intake 9. However, candidates can apply as self-funding students.
The application window for self-funding students is open until 15. March 2024. Candidates interested in applying for a place in the programme should follow this procedure:

Where requested, attach a single PDF of less than 8 MB containing the following documents, in the order specified here:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV), based on one of the templates from the Europass website
  2. A scan of the original university diploma(s), AND certified translation if the document is not issued in English or German.
  3. A scan of the original (AND certified translation if the document is not issued in English or German) official transcript of study results from your university.
  4. A Motivation letter. In the letter, the candidate should explain how past experiences have prepared him/her for participation in the Master in Digital Communication Leadership, how this program is likely to improve his or her own career perspectives, and why the candidate is interested in the topic of digital communication leadership. The motivation letter should be:
    • Typed using a word processing software before saved as a PDF file
    • 4,000-6,000 characters long, including spaces (equivalent to max 1500 words).
    • Typed using a Times New Roman or Book Antiqua font size 12
    • Page size A4
    • Typed using a 1.5 space in-between lines
    • The title of the letter should be in BOLD and it should read Motivation Letter by (your name)
    • Pages should be numbered
    • Note that handwritten letters are NOT accepted. A letter shorter than the minimum requirement is accepted, yet it is likely to be a disadvantage for the candidate.
  5. Two (minimum) or three (maximum) Recommendation Letters in English. The letters do not follow a template. The only requirement is that the contact details of the person providing the reference must be clearly typed and must contain a business email address [not a private one] and a telephone number. Referees that prefer to provide the letters directly to the program’s administration can email their letters to [email protected]. The people writing the recommendation letters can be also marked as referees in the application form. Referees are people who have collaborated with the candidate and are willing to answer questions about her/him. One of these references should be an academic who has been a teacher or tutor of the candidate; other referees can be from the professional experiences of the candidate. Please note that the referees must be able to communicate in English or German.

The application form will be reviewed and if the candidate is considered eligible, she/her/they will be asked by email to pay for the deposit. This amounts to 150 euros for all students and should be paid by electronic transfer to the account listed below. Note that a proof of payment should be also sent by email to [email protected].

Precise denomination of the account holder: UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG
Address of branch: 65-67, JAGERSTRASSE, AT – VIENNA
IBAN code: AT231200006953834602
Please add the reference: YourSurname DCLead Application P_133001_67.

In case the intake is cancelled by mid-April due to low participation, the 150 euro deposit will be returned to the candidate*. The 150 euro deposit will be returned to the candidate, also in case of non-selection after the interview*.
The 150 euro deposit is not returned to the candidate, in case s/he decides to drop out.

*The refund will include the banking fee of the sending institution in Austria, but not any fees charged by the receiving institution.

Following the reception of the proof of payment, the candidate will be contacted by email and asked to arrange an interview with one representative of the programme. This will take place via teleconference meeting and it will last between 40 minutes and one hour. Sometimes, a second meeting will be required, and so the candidate will be asked by email to arrange a time with a second representative for a second interview.

If the places for the required track are still available, the candidate will be asked to send the full application package by post to the following address:

Sergio Sparviero
DCLead Master Programme
Fachbereich Kommunikationswissenschaft
Universität Salzburg
Rudolfskai 42
5020 Salzburg

and must contain the following documents:

  1. Proof of identity and nationality (colour scanned copy of ID-Page of passport/ID-Card)
  2. legalised  ORIGINAL* (AND the ORIGINAL of the certified translation if the document is not issued in English or German) of University diplomas.
  3. legalised ORIGINAL * (AND the ORIGINAL of the certified translation if the document is not issued in English or German)of official transcript of University study results.
  4. Originals of English test results, certificates or diplomas (see above the section about English proficiency).
  5. Filled out and signed application form for University of Salzburg.
  6. Candidates with degrees awarded by Chinese universities must additionally obtain an APS certificate. Degrees from other universities do not require an APS certificate.

For questions, please email [email protected]; beforehand, however, please check if your question has not yet been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or in the DCLead Applicants group on Facebook.

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Appeal Procedure

Candidates that would like to appeal the decision of the selection committee can do so by sending a letter (PDF or Word file) by email to [email protected]. The letter should be addressed to the ‘Chair of the Selection Committee‘ and the subject of the email should read ‘Appeal to the Selection Committee‘. Only letters sent within 2 weeks from the receipt of results of the application will be considered.


Every year, the DCLead selection committee receive applications from students all over the world! Browse and interact with the map of the applications countries distribution for the period 2016-2021 (Intakes 1 to 6).