This study programme make available modules and an international network of academic expertise that together provide the basis for the empowerment of future leaders in the vast area of digital communication. For graduates of the programme future fields of employment may for example provide qualified jobs: 

  • in existing ICT and media companies e.g. as service developers or managers and business developers,
  • as entrepreneurs in new media and web companies,
  • in IT support functions in business companies and public institutions,
  • in media companies working at the European or international level whose work is influenced by European decision-making e.g. in the following positions:
      • as strategic managers in positions related to innovation and R&D 
      • as strategic analysts of European communication markets 
      • as policy analyst 
      • as strategic analyst of user studies 
  • as scientists or researchers in the area of new media and society and/or social and economic development,
  • as public servants and administrators within Ministries and regulatory authorities in the policy field of media and communication,
  • as consultants regarding various aspects of new media and digital innovation,
  • as lobbyists in lobby organisations trying to influence Europe’s innovation and communication policies,
  • in European institutions working in the field of new media and society or economic and social development, collaborating in policy preparation for EU institutions (e.g. European Council, European Parliament, European Commission,…),
  • as journalists focusing on new media and digital innovation who can provide nuanced analyses of current developments in the European public sphere(s),
  • as development programme/project coordinators, for independent and non-profit organizations, or governmental agencies.