Participation Costs

Participations costs include tuition fees (where applicable), insurance and participation to the summer symposium. They do not include travel costs between partner universities and accommodation.

Participation Costs for Intake 9 (2024-2026)

Participation costs for self-funding students vary across different tracks, with distinctions made between EU nationals and non-EU nationals. This variance can be attributed to two main factors: the differential tuition and administrative expenses at the member universities of the Consortium, and variations in national policies regarding subsidizing the education costs of non-EU nationals. The DCLead program reimburses the Consortium’s universities for the expenses related to teaching activities and administration, and the differences in these expenses account for the range in participation costs.

For Intake 9, the participation costs will also encompass the administrative expenses of the program. The current costs have been computed based on a minimum intake of 15 students. In the event of a larger intake, the individual costs will be lower than those indicated here.

NationalityTrack4 semesters1 semester
Participation Costs for E+ Scholarship Holders (intake 7 and earlier Intakes)

Participation costs for E+ scholarship holders do not vary from the track. The participation costs paid by students are shared within the consortium in order to cover tuition and administrative costs. They
are € 7,228 for students from Programme Countries (€ 1,807 per semester) and € 17,200 for students from Partner Countries (€ 4,300 per semester).

Participation costs for scholarship holders are paid directly by the funding agency.

Programme Countries

Programme countries are member states of the European Union (EU): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the following Non-EU programme countries: United Kingdom, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey.

Partner Countries

Partner Countries are all the other countries not included in the list of Programme Countries above.

Self-Funding Students (Intake 8 and earlier intakes)

Participation costs for self-funding students vary from track to track and distinguish between EU nationals and non-EU nationals. The difference is to be explained, on the one hand, by the different tuition and administrative costs in the Universities of the Consortium, and on the other hand, by differences in national approaches to the subsidization of the costs of education of non-EU nationals. The DCLead programme reimburses the Universities of the Consortium for the cost of teaching activities and administration and differences in these costs explain the variety of levels.

NationalityTrack4 semesters1 semester

If selected, self-funded students are required to pay € 1000 as a deposit before the interview.

DCLead Scholarship for Self-Funded Students

Candidates applying for self-funding will be also considered for the “DCLead Scholarship”. This scholarship entails a reduction of the participation costs. DCLead Scholarships will be announced after the phase one. Only candidates applying as self-funding students will be eligible.