Programme Board

The Programme Board is composed of six Programme Directors, two from each of the Consortium Partners, with due authorisation to discuss, negotiate, and decide on actions proposed by the Coordinating Institution and the other members of the Consortium. Programme Directors are responsible for all matters related to the curriculum, assessment and evaluation, student academic and logistic aspects, and ensuring that the Programme within their institution meets the objectives of the Programme curriculum. Furthermore, the Programme Board decides on the preparation and final approval of the annual plan of activities, quality assurance and degree awarding/recognition issues and any issue arising from students’ feedbacks and complaints.

Consortium Board

The Consortium Board is composed of one representative of each Consortium Partner and Associated Partner, and one member of the Student Panel. The Consortium Board provides advice and feedback on the quality and governance of the Master Degree, through an annual progress report submitted to the Programme Board and the External Evaluation Council. The Consortium Board provides strategic advice to the Programme Board on the quality of the curriculum, the quality and composition of the Consortium, the quality of student projects, the Programme’s activities and the Programme administration, including budget allocation, planning and reporting.

Administration Board

The Administration Board is responsible for organizing the logistic items of the Programme. Each Consortium Partner selects an internal staff member to become part of this Board. This person is responsible for implementing the administrative tasks within their respective university, advice students on logistical matters, and any other task as delegated by the Administration Board. Logistic responsibilities of this board include, but are not limited to, arranging the visa documents for the students, arranging health and travel insurance coverage, assist with registration to courses, updating the website, etc. The Coordinating Institution employs a Programme Administrator who coordinates the Administration Board. The Programme Administrator supports the Programme Coordinator, the Chairperson of the Programme and the Programme Directors with their duties and also the students with all logistical matters related to their participation to the Programme.