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Note that the form requires you to upload one single PDF of max 8 MB containing several documents. If you are not familiar with attaching PDF files together or reducing the size of a PDF file, please note that there are several open-source PDF Editors on the Internet, for all kind of platforms (e.g. on Snapfiels or ILovePDF).

To prepare for the application, please check our Requirements page.

The form is divided into 8 sections. You have to complete one section before going to the next one, but you can always come back to a previous page, if needed.
In the last page, you can review all your data: if they are ok, you will be then able to submit your application.

DC Lead Application - Intake 9
  • Before proceeding (1/3)
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  • Before proceeding (3/3)
  • 1. Personal Details
  • 2. Academic Qualifications
  • 3. Choice of Track
  • 4. Participation Costs
  • 5. References
  • 6. English Proficiency
  • 7. Attachments
  • 8. Declaration
  • Recap & Submit
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Before proceeding: important information about the application

1. No E+ Scholarships or DCLead Scholarships
We would like to notify prospective students that for the upcoming intake, neither E+ Scholarships nor DCLead scholarships are available.

Therefore, you are required to self-finance your studies or explore alternative scholarship options. Please be aware that you should plan for funding ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 euros per month, totaling 24,000 to 33,600 euros annually, to cover living expenses. Additionally, you should consider the funding required for participation costs (please refer to the participation costs details for intake 9).

Furthermore, it's important to note that you might need to demonstrate access to such funding or show proof of availability through a bank loan as a prerequisite for obtaining a student visa.