DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Public Relations
Worked as: Social media manager

I have chosen DCLead because: Digital communication is a rapidly evolving field, but this level of innovation comes with unexpected obstacles. I chose DCLead because I want to be involved with the development of new technologies and ensure they are regulated for the best interest of the public.

Bridget MillerIreland/US

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Journalism and Public Opinion
Worked as: Head of Communications at the Foundation for Press Freedom in Colombia (FLIP).

I have chosen DCLead because: Have you ever felt that even though you love where you are, you need to move on, learn something new and challenge yourself? That is why I decided to do a Masters. There were too many options around, but DCLead stood out because it is the perfect combination of communication, critical analysis, policy and social change. Plus, we have the opportunity to develop our academic skills as well as professional competencies.

Andrea Torres PerdomoColombia

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: International Communication and Media
Worked as: Communication Officer at WHO Viet Nam office

I have chosen DCLead because: After more than 2 years working in Communication for Health, I decided to pursue academic training in how to utilize communication to solve development challenges. The DC Lead program stood out as the perfect mix of theoretical input and practical training, offering an interdisciplinary approach to communication, political sciences, development studies, and digital technology.

Minh PhamVietnam

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Mass Communication
Worked as: Communication Officer at Yiaga Africa

I have chosen DCLead because: After an impactful background in the communications and development sector, DCLead was the next reasonable step, because it offered a timely opportunity for the critical analysis of digital communications in our fast-paced world. The interplay between research, diversity and leadership is every student’s dream.

Chinemerem OnuorahNigeria

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Social Communication/Journalism
Worked as: Journalist, Press Office, and Media Literacy Speaker

I have chosen DCLead because: It combines leadership, political science, and public policies to develop students’ critical thinking. Dclead will develop my research competencies, enhance my career opportunities and boost my leadership skills.

Thais MottaBrazil

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Mass Communication
Worked as: Copywriter at White Rivers Media

I have chosen DCLead because: After spending a few years in digital communication, especially advertising, I wanted to expand my knowledge focusing on the industry’s future and a strong ethical foundation. DCLead stood out among master’s programs, offering a perfect mix of research, leadership, and technology, with a structure that has diversity at its core.

Hetvi ChhedaIndia