DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Bachelor of Social Science, University of Chittagong
MA: Master of Science, VHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.
Worked as: Journalist (New Age, The Asian Age); Research Assistant

I have chosen DCLead because:
I aim to explore the nature of digital communication in different settings to understand the impact of new media on economic growth and policy design. More specifically, I am interested in ‘digital divide’ or ‘digital inequality’ in order to ensure social change and development in both European and non-European context. For instance, the multiple aspects of digital inequality in terms of access, usage, skills, and self-perceptions, as well as future lines of research, the significance of digital inequalities in a broad range of individual-level and macro-level domains (gender, class, ; health care, politics, economic activity, and social capital and development interventions (policies, projects or actions).
I believe the DCLead program will help me to combine these dimensions between economy and social aspects, technology and culture, individual needs and society. In addition, the program will guide me to acquire deep and broad knowledge and skills for innovative ideas and discussions as well as a profound academic ground in the area of digital communication. DCLead Programme has a benchmark international network of academic expertise and practical insights to focus on new media, media management which will facilitate the potentiality of my knowledge and skills in the field of digital media and communication.
I believe, DCLead is a timely initiative that will help me understand the multidimensional aspects of media question to explore the interdisciplinary approach of communication and social development.