DC Lead track: TECMAN
BA: Computer Engineering
MA: Computer Systems and Networks Engineering
Worked as: Manager at Procter and Gamble

I have chosen the DC Lead because:
I am a young entrepreneur and my ambition is to expand my expertise in the fields of ICT, digital marketing and social media communication.
Nevertheless my previous experiences, I feel that I still need to deepen my knowledge in the vast area of digital communication management, key part of the services I want to provide through my company. For this reason, after searching for a challenging program able to give me a strong foundation in leadership and digital communication, I believe that the ‘‘Digital Communication Leadership’’ EMJMD program is a strong representative of the high level of learning that I am looking for.
Being part of the DC Lead Program is providing me with the perfect opportunity to become a specialist in Digital Communication Leadership to pursue my entrepreneurial ambition with a proper foundation for succeed.