DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Bachelor of Communications, Universitas Airlangga
Worked as: Journalist & Copywriter

I have chosen DCLead because:
This program combines the two sides of me. As a former journalist, I’m passionate about media, especially from its social and political perspectives. And as a copywriter, I’m interested about economics and business in media and communication. Particularly, in this digital era, where there are a lot of new phenomenons which we never experienced before. Talking about digital era, Indonesia is one of the countries with highest internet users in the world. My country also forecasted to be the digital powerhouse in South East Asia. I am so excited about this and I believe that courses in DCLead will give me a lot of knowledge as well as experiences which will expedite me to contribute and embrace this amazing opportunity in the future. And so far, I enjoy DCLead and don’t regret my choice at all!