DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Mass Communication, University of Dar es Salaam
Worked as: E-commerce Officer at Precision Air Services Plc., Founder of Hapo Zamani za Kale project

I have chosen DCLead because: DC Lead is a right fit to my background in Mass Communication from where my interests in digital communication initially stemmed. I believe that effective communication has the power to drive socioeconomic changes and bring development in our societies. Thus, DC Lead will empower me to become a digital communication expert and deepen my understating of ways in which policies, innovation, research, ethical and sustainable digital practices among other issues can be used to effectively address digital divides, implication of digitalization at a global perspective, national and community level in order to bring change in my society. In between working experiences in ecommerce, digital marketing and founding a project that involves adopting oral literature into the digital systems, I directly observed digital challenges, technology level and savviness among Tanzanian citizens. With the interdisciplinary approach of DC Lead while learning from professionals and peers, I expect to draw relevant lessons and help shape the digital structures in my country which is currently undergoing digitalization process itself.