DCLead Track: TECMAN
BA: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
Worked as: Full Stack Web Developer and Database Administrator at Call Group Ltd., Research Laboratory Technician at The Gambia Medical Research Council (MRC), Math and Physics teacher at St. Peter’s Technical Senior Secondary School.

I have chosen DCLead because:
It is one of the few great opportunities which will enable me to achieve my career goals and transform my life significantly. In the DCLead Program, I will truly study differently; that is, I will have the chance to become a multi-skilled individual by allowing me to explore different academic disciplines which will broaden my horizons and trigger my curiosity. Moreover, the educational and the international experience I will gain during the program will give me the confidence to work within a dynamic environment and teach me how to balance different opinions thereby finding creative and yet applicable solutions to the many challenging problems of digitalization facing our generation. The transformative power of the DCLead program will help me to meet my goal of establishing an advanced technology institute in The Gambia; all these will be geared towards meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals.