DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Engineering in Computer Sciences
Worked as: Quality Manager, Software Analyst, and Professor at the University of Computer Sciences, Cuba. Self-employed in own Lodging business

I have chosen DCLead because:
Among many other Masters programmes, DCLead goes beyond any other programme I have ever encountered. Because its unique multidisciplinary and multicultural composition with a global perspective, this is a programme of the Future. The more I went deep into its content, the more convinced I was of how it absolutely matches my interests, experiences and dreams.
Adding to practical experience and training, I believe this course will equip me with a deeper strategic and critical understanding of business management in our digitized world, which will be instrumental to both my career and personal aims. Furthermore, it will grant me with possibility and credibility to implement new organizational forms and business models in Cuba, a country that for the time being, seems to be on pause.
Living in a society of digital communication and business technology, DCLead is a gun for leaders who believe that hard effort, persistence and commitment, may create real progress.