DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Organizational Communication, De La Salle University Manila
Worked as: Digital Media Consultant, Communications Officer for International Organizations

I have chosen DCLead because: As societies and countries continue to grapple with the complexities of living in a highly digitalized world, we need to have practitioners who are critical, ethical, and analytical of the technologies, algorithms, and platforms that are now ubiquitous in modern society. DCLead is a unique program that allows me to elevate my understanding of communication in the academic and practical sense as we explore how digital technology can promote democratic governance – a tool for common good through policy and innovation.

The DCLead program also brings together a diverse set of students from all over the world, adding a global and nuanced view of digital communication as we learn it in the classroom. To me, this program fits exactly what I hope to get from an MA program – it’s international, forward-thinking, incredibly stimulating, and aligns with my values as a practitioner in this field.