DCLead Track: TECMAN
 Economics and Business Administration, Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
BA2: International Business Programme, Østfold University College (Norway)
Worked as: Database Manager

I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a brand-new and challenging master program. Here I found a unique opportunity to combine economic-managerial, technological, media and communication skills. It teaches me the important aspects how to become a successful leader with the assistance of effective communication tools but without losing focus on social responsibility and ethical-cultural issues. The program involves at least two universities and two countries, where I can find different approaches and broaden my perspectives. This program gives me a chance to get advice and recommendations from the qualified professors with different backgrounds. At the same time, it offers internships at world-known organizations in order to work on the master thesis. Thus theory is implemented in practice. I think that the experience I will obtain during the period of studying in the consortium will be a valuable tool to open up new opportunities for my career. Besides, one of the most important reasons why DCLead stands out compared to similar programs, is its cultural diversity of incoming students! It feels like I have visited every country in the world by making a simple conversation with my fellow students. I get to know the trends, possibilities and obstacles in different countries from them. DCLead is a global program which can help students become real professionals and make new friends throughout the world.