DCLead Track: TECMAN
BA: Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Worked as: Open Source Evangelist/Project Coordinator at 8layer Technologies Inc/ Business Consult CRV Embedded System and Design
Blog: Jeepney Stories

I have chosen DCLead because:

I strongly believe that Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) Program, will help me in my future endeavors because it’s aligned to my undergraduate degree and work experiences. The program’s focus on the leadership and empowerment, economic and managerial, digital technologies, media and communication knowledge, social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions of digital communication is indeed a holistic approach for a life long learner like me. I strongly believe that this program will help me achieve my goal, to be an INNOVATION SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR in the future.  To harness the power of open innovation, open source and IOT infrastructures to reform the community. My core focus will be on advocacy, technology and policy, this is achievable through transformation of ideas into a thriving culture towards excellence and social impact and  collaboration of the community.