DCLead Track: POLINN
BSc: Mathematics (Major); Statistics & Physics (Minor)
MBA: Communication Management
Worked as: Copywriter; Design Manager; Brand Strategist; Data Researcher; Digital Experience Lead; Creative Director; Filmmaker

I have chosen DCLead because:
If we are to sustain open societies, there is an increasing need for systems that help us understand and process information that is constantly in formation. Software is now both policy and politics. It is to this shifting, generative world of data as soft power that DCLead speaks. I’m profoundly interested in how media institutions and infrastructures contribute to various types of order—social, cultural, political, economic and ethical. What is media’s role in shaping a new global communication order? How can communication rights and technologies be used to address social and digital inequalities? This is the work that I look forward to advancing in the context of my learning at DCLead.