DCLead Track: ICT4D
BSc: Development Communication, University of the Philippines
MSc: Sustainability, United Nations University
Worked as: Communications Specialist for the Department of Health – Philippines and Communications Officer at the Mekong Institute

I have chosen DCLead because: As a communications professional living in a hyper-digitized world, I aspire to be a credible, reverberating voice that advocates for the fair and ethical use of digital media in an era where fake news and trolls are prevalent. Especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic and political warfare, I want to help counter fearmongers and proliferators of hate and lies with truth and reason. I want to take the lead and take control of the digitalization narrative so we can all re-channel it towards societal progress instead of its downfall. I firmly believe that technology is only as mighty as the power we vest in it, and I am making a conscious decision to help harness it for the better through the DCLead program.