DCLead Track: POLINN
BSc: (Hons.) Social Sciences (Major in Political Science and Minor in Media Studies)
Worked as: Journalist, Editor and Project Coordinator (Simorgh)

I have chosen DCLead because:
There are vast lacunae in the field of digital communication in my home country. As a journalist in the 21st century, it is imperative to usher media houses of developing countries to the new age, with more methods of communication and information dissemination. I started this process back at home, but much more was needed for the media houses of Pakistan to even think of competing with international trends and practices. DC Lead will help me understand the structure of digital communication in the world at large, and look towards helping implement policies that ensure the improvement of communication across the world, while looking to prevent large corporations from taking advantage of the average user with little to no information about how the entire system works.