DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Honours Double Major in History and Film & Media Studies from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
Worked as: Public Relations Consultant for Consumer Startups

I have chosen DCLead because:
My generation has often been criticized for being obsessed with the internet, with the digital, with the networked. Today, it seems impossible, and unwise, not to be so, when everything in our world from politics to personal relationships to daily rituals is so closely impacted by digital communication. DCLead gives me the opportunity to critically engage with this changing digital reality from multiple perspectives to gain a well-rounded view of this world and be able to effectively contribute. The program’s mission to bring together the socio-cultural and the technical, and focus on creating global discourse, through engaging with fellow DCLeaders and participating in educational opportunities throughout the world, makes me feel confident that we will emerge with a holistic and well-informed view, ready to lead this digital world.