DCLead Track: ICT4D
Ba: International Relations
Worked as: Communication and PR manager

I have chosen DCLead because: The field of digital communication disrupts the way we produce and consume the information. This program disrupts the way of being a strategic leader in this volatile world of digital communication. This is a great power, so you need to learn from the best. It works well in developed countries and Europe is a great example. As I worked in the project funded by the European Union, I admired the professional approach of my former colleagues. Studying in DCLead advances my existing skills and knowledge, and pushes me beyond my limits to explore creative ways of thinking and be open to different cultures.

Madina IskazinaKazakhstan

DCLead Track: TECMAN
Bsc: Computer Science
Worked as: Software Developer, Commodity Manager, Educator

I have chosen DCLead because: It is one of the few programs that invest so much in the people and that is so international (18 nationalities in our intake). This is no anonymous master, where you are one student of many. It is personal, involved, intense, challenging and will change you. Not only are the professors professionally great, but many are also great personalities and really inspiring people, who deeply care about this program and their students. Everyone here wants to do something meaningful.

Nickels WitteGermany

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Communication and Media Studies
Worked as: Senior Content Strategist for Rappler ; Instructor for the University of the Philippines

I have chosen DCLead because: Coming from the Philippines, one of the petri dishes in weaponizing social media to serve political agenda, I feel strongly about understanding digital communication issues and looking for ethical solutions. I find DCLead key in helping me achieve this goal as it provides a critical lens for examining the political, developmental, and technical aspects that surround digital communication. The diverse community of DCLead also places the program in the perfect position to analyze various perspectives that equip us to become ethical and inclusive leaders needed in this era.

Michelle Gay NidoyPhilippines

DCLead Track: TECMAN
Bsc: Computer Science and Engineering
Worked as: Software Developer

I have chosen DCLead because: “It’s not only important for you to participate in this technological future, but think about an alternative future where your imagination gets to shape what kind of technology we’re building.”
We tend to overlook the engineer’s responsibility to understand the societal implications of code. This multidisciplinary program compels me to think critically while taking a glimpse into social sciences and understanding its interrelation and dependence on technology. The program enabled me to comprehend the convergence of the digital and analog world through the lens of human impact, which teased my intrusiveness about developing ethical software. As I aspire to incorporate responsible dimensions into the products I build to ensure fairness and accessibility, I can proudly say that DcLead is the best fit for me.

Astha UpadhyayIndia

DCLead Track: ICT4D
Ba: Science of Communications
Msc/Ma: Msc in NeuroLearning. Ma in Cultural and Creative Industries.
Worked as: Co-Founder and Director of Mielenaria. Creative Director. Intern at the Office of the Mayor in Compton, California. Next Generation Leader. Multimedia Journalist. Organizational Strategist. Communications for Development. Freelance Audiovisual Producer.

I have chosen DCLead because: Being a multidisciplinary professional has allowed me to solve and analyze problems in unique ways. Most of my work focuses on closing the gap between healthcare, human rights, education and technology. I believe that everyone has a role and a purpose to fulfill and be valued for it, that is why my goal is to develop sustainable solutions and empower vulnerable communities. I want to lead the change in which community, development, and justice are the primary values.

Ximena LainfiestaGuatemala

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Communication Science
Diploma: Internet Governance (DiGI)
Worked as: Academic Researcher & Assistant (CETyS & MESO – Universidad de San Andrés)

I have chosen DCLead because: It provides the practical and theoretical tools to understand our hyperconnected and data driven societies from an interdisciplinary and ethical perspective, while also considering the profound inequalities that exist in our world. DCLead is a life-changing experience which allows you to build a strong and inspiring international network.
As a future DCLeader I aim to grow as a professional that is not only able to develop human-centered and innovative digital policies, but can also lead and cooperate within different multistakeholder groups.

Delfina FerracuttiArgentina

DCLead Track: ICT4D
Bsc: Business Information Technology
Worked as: An Information Management Specialist in the public sector & as a Technical Writer intern in the private sector.

I have chosen DCLead because: Discovering that this master programme approaches digital communication and leadership from an “interdisciplinary and international point of view” encompasses not just the reason I have applied for this programme but also in that it describes the type of person I am and aspire to be.

Farouk UmarIreland/Nigeria

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Media Studies
Worked as: Researcher Assitant

I have chosen DCLead because: This programme offers me the opportunity to pursue my goal of understanding the opportunities and challenges that the new digital environment poses to political communication; particularly, it enables me to study the link between social media and populist communication. Moreover, one of the key factors that made me choose DC Lead is that it is a highly international programme that allows mobility periods in several countries as well as meeting people from all over the world, which I consider essential to be able to succeed professionally and academically in a globalized world.

Luis Manuel Arellano CervantesMexico

DCLead Track: TECMAN
Bsc: Software Engineering
Worked as: Communications and Digital Technology manager, Technology mentor, User Experience designer

I have chosen DCLead because: The curiosity to critically analyze technological development, business models, and their impact on societies. I aspire to be an interactive storyteller, use visual communication to present issues, and put the user’s digital health needs first from the advanced academic discussions of the programme. I am on the right path to designing, deploying, and managing inclusive digital technologies for the underserved population in Uganda to become a part of the developing internet world. The DCLead program prepares me to be a better technology leader and communicator.

Hilda AdurUganda

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Journalism and Mass Communications
Worked as: Newspaper Journalist, Editorial Assistant, Copywriter, Content Strategist, Digital Marketing Analyst

I have chosen DCLead because: In a world that is rapidly shifting towards the digital spectrum, it is essential to establish a balance that helps preserve the human element of our existence. We as the youth are responsible for ensuring this through innovation and active participation in shaping the policies we adopt as a society. I chose DCLead because it is the only truly global program dedicated to shaping digital world leaders of the coming decades. In addition, I also chose it for the mobility component as it will provide much more exposure to me as a scholar, and will also facilitate cultural exchange. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of digital communications and allows students to be at pace with new developments in academic, social, and business scenarios related to the field.

Anikesh JohariIndia