“It is one of the few great opportunities which will enable me to achieve my career goals and transform my life significantly. I will have the chance to become a multi-skilled individual by allowing me to explore different academic disciplines which will broaden my horizons and trigger my curiosity.”

DawdaIntake 4 Student

“DCLead is a perfect combination of academic and practical experience and it will allow me to gain the insight of social and ethical aspects of deploying IT systems. I believe this program will direct me towards the digitization for the betterment of society.”

IqraIntake 4 Student

“I am interested in both communication and the digital world. This programme combines the two and provides more in-dept knowledge about these.
Furthermore, it brings people from all over the world together, which gives you a broader insight in other cultures.”

JannekeIntake 3 Student

“I am fascinated with the fact that the whole world operates differently because of the internet. More opportunities are opened which also means more challenges for humankind. I find what the program offers is very unique, for its aims and technique, as well as culture – wide environment and network.”

Thi Thuy NganIntake 2 Student

“The program’s focus on the leadership and empowerment, economic and managerial, digital technologies, media and communication knowledge, social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions of digital communication is indeed a holistic approach for a life long learner like me.”

Michelle AnneIntake 1 Student

“This program combines the two sides of me: as a former journalist, I’m passionate about media, especially from its social and political perspectives and as a copywriter, I’m interested about economics and business in media and communication. I believe that courses in DCLead will give me a lot of knowledge as well as experiences.”

Amalia NurulIntake 1 Student

“The comprehensive quality of the curriculum brings together both technical and soft aspects of digital communication, combined with the Problem and Project Based Learning approach make DCLead a unique and a special opportunity. DCLead also links both media from business, technical and artistic perspectives, with the media’s impact on society, economy and politics.

MouloudIntake 2 Student

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AbduvorisIntake 3 Student