DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Digital Communication (Computer Science Department) – University of Milan
Worked as: Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker, UX/UI Designer

I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe that in every process technical competences need to be enhanced through the comprehension of complexity. Understanding digital communication in its integrity is not only necessary, but it must also be an ethical duty of whoever aims to be a leader. I believe DCLead offers me the opportunity to reach this complete view of digital communication, giving me an outstanding preparation regarding the technical, social and ethical aspects of it. In other words, DCLead will guide me on the path to become the leader I want to be.

Tommaso Maria FornoniItaly

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Honours Double Major in History and Film & Media Studies from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
Worked as: Public Relations Consultant for Consumer Startups

I have chosen DCLead because:
My generation has often been criticized for being obsessed with the internet, with the digital, with the networked. Today, it seems impossible, and unwise, not to be so, when everything in our world from politics to personal relationships to daily rituals is so closely impacted by digital communication. DCLead gives me the opportunity to critically engage with this changing digital reality from multiple perspectives to gain a well-rounded view of this world and be able to effectively contribute. The program’s mission to bring together the socio-cultural and the technical, and focus on creating global discourse, through engaging with fellow DCLeaders and participating in educational opportunities throughout the world, makes me feel confident that we will emerge with a holistic and well-informed view, ready to lead this digital world.

Spriha DhanukaIndia

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Liberal arts and sciences with a double major in economics and business
MSc: Communication and information sciences with a specialisation in data science: business and governance
Worked as: Data analyst

I have chosen DCLead because:
I believe that an intense multidisciplinary degree with a multicultural group of people can help to get the best out of myself. All my fellow students are ambitious and have knowledge, skills and/or abilities that I can learn from. Furthermore, I like that we get the opportunity to live in at least two countries during this master degree, allowing us to get a greater international experience. Also, I think that this master is a nice addition to my previous master in data science. Therefore, I think that I will be even better prepared for my future career after this degree.

Sharona BoonmanThe Netherlands

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Media Informatics, LMU Munich, Germany
Worked as: UX/UI Designer, Software Developer

I have chosen DCLead because:
The challenges in digital communication of the near future will require leaders to have solid technical knowledge of the digital world and the ability to demonstrate their personal credibility and assertiveness. Moreover, solutions to these challenges need to be both sustainable and ethical. Coming from a computer science background, I look forward to combining my previous studies with social sciences and management studies within the DCLead program to master this notion of leadership.
In addition, the cultural diversity and various professional backgrounds of my fellow students make it a unique experience in which we all will learn and benefit from each other.

Sarah Julia JeskeGermany

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Media, Communication and Political Science
Worked as: Crossmedia News Coordinator

I have chosen DCLead because:
During my previous academic career at Freie Universität Berlin and UCL London, I focused on issues the European political and public sphere is facing nowadays. DCLead amplifies this as the programme’s approach places digital communication at the interface between scientific research and professional practice. Alongside my international 17 fellow students, I aim to improve critically assessing how users and decision-makers continuously shape increasingly mediated interaction and technological surrounding. I consider this interdisciplinary viewpoint essential in order to investigate further the impact of change: in communication and technology alike.

Rosanna FanniGermany and Italy

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
MA: Journalism, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
Worked as: Journalist at Hindustan Times (MINT), The Indian Express, The Economist Intelligence Unit

I have chosen DCLead because:
Through my professional work over five years, I acquired intimate insights into the consequences of how issues of politics and information flow affect the human grassroots; being an active witness to the proliferation of digital media causing fundamental paradigm changes socially. The integral role played by digital media in forming public opinion has increased exponentially, and continues to escalate today. I chose the DCLead programme because of its comprehensive curriculum that will enable me to understand the interplay between changes and design of digital media technologies on the one hand, and transition in the ways the citizens adopt and use this media in their everyday life, on the other. I think the structure of the course will also allow me to pursue a focussed academic study on the interconnections between society, governance and communication. Furthermore, studying amongst other internationally represented Erasmus Mundus scholars will be invaluable for my contact with various cultural, academic and professional backgrounds.

Rituparna BanerjeeIndia

DCLead Track: POLINN
Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Akoka
MA: Diploma II: Law. Diploma, Online Reputation Management
Worked as: Social Media Strategist and Lead, Business Development

I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a marriage of my current life and my long term goal; digital communication and e-governance. The fact that it further empowers me with the skill set needed to impact lives positively and be a thought leader with a global perspective is an invaluable experience. With the knowledge gained from DCLead and my awe-inspiring professors, I hope to become a stellar Storyteller, Policy Consultant and Social Entrepreneur. Also with DCLead in the picture, I see myself clearly shaping legislation and assisting governmental and non-governmental organisations in creating innovative policy solutions to development challenges peculiar to Nigeria and Africa.
Lastly, relating with 17 other brilliant minds from other countries every day isn’t something I’d trade for the world!

Oyinkansola Adeola AwoloNigeria

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc(ED): Computer Science and Education Lagos State Univeristy Ojo Lagos
Worked as: Business Development Manager/Video Content Manager at She Leads Africa
Youtube Channel: Nkechi Osuji

I have chosen DCLead because:
The program is a perfect match with my undergraduate degree and work experiences. The DCLead program focuses on technology, communication and leadership which combines economic, managerial, media, social responsibility and ethic-cultural dimensions of digital communication. This is an absolute approach to help me achieve my career goals of becoming a DIGITAL COMMUNICATION EXPERT. I’m really passionate about empowering young people around the world especially African women in today’s society through digital technology and communication. I strongly believe that African women DO NOT ONLY belong to “the kitchen, the living room and the other room” but we can transform our community through IOT infrastructures and effective communication. UBUNTU!

Nkechi Victoria OsujiNigeria

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Engineering in Computer Sciences
Worked as: Quality Manager, Software Analyst, and Professor at the University of Computer Sciences, Cuba. Self-employed in own Lodging business

I have chosen DCLead because:
Among many other Masters programmes, DCLead goes beyond any other programme I have ever encountered. Because its unique multidisciplinary and multicultural composition with a global perspective, this is a programme of the Future. The more I went deep into its content, the more convinced I was of how it absolutely matches my interests, experiences and dreams.
Adding to practical experience and training, I believe this course will equip me with a deeper strategic and critical understanding of business management in our digitized world, which will be instrumental to both my career and personal aims. Furthermore, it will grant me with possibility and credibility to implement new organizational forms and business models in Cuba, a country that for the time being, seems to be on pause.
Living in a society of digital communication and business technology, DCLead is a gun for leaders who believe that hard effort, persistence and commitment, may create real progress.

Linet LoresCuba

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Communication Science and Political Science at LMU Munich
Worked as: Marketing and Communications Consultant

I have chosen DCLead because:
Hardly anything has ever changed our society as profoundly as the digitalization of communication processes, as social media or the internet of things for example. The holistic approach of the programme offers a technological, societal, political and ecological point of view on digital transformation and innovation. Moreover, I appreciate the chance to work together with people from all over the world coming from various academic and professional backgrounds. I am convinced that differences create a greater value in the end.

Katharina Kimberly BeckGermany