DCLead Track: ICT4D
BSc: Development Communication, University of the Philippines
MSc: Sustainability, United Nations University
Worked as: Communications Specialist for the Department of Health – Philippines and Communications Officer at the Mekong Institute

I have chosen DCLead because: As a communications professional living in a hyper-digitized world, I aspire to be a credible, reverberating voice that advocates for the fair and ethical use of digital media in an era where fake news and trolls are prevalent. Especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic and political warfare, I want to help counter fearmongers and proliferators of hate and lies with truth and reason. I want to take the lead and take control of the digitalization narrative so we can all re-channel it towards societal progress instead of its downfall. I firmly believe that technology is only as mighty as the power we vest in it, and I am making a conscious decision to help harness it for the better through the DCLead program.

Paoloregel B. SamontePhilippines

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Computer Systems Enginnering
Worked as: Software Developer, Lead Developer, Project Manager, Creative Director, Digital Production Director

I have chosen DCLead because: The more I learn about digital technologies, the more I understand that they are shaping the future of our societies. And I want to take part in this process. The multidisciplinary approach of DCLead makes it the perfect program for those who want to think about the business potentials of the digital technologies while being aware of the ethical values of these, the policies they need, and how we can work together for a world with less inequalities.

John Gustavo Choque CondoriBolivia

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Information Technology from Ghana Communication Technology University(GCTU), Ghana
Worked as: Teaching Assistant and web developer at GCTU.

I have chosen DCLead because: Working as Teaching assistant and web developer over the years has made me realised the need for an all rounded skills in the field of the Technology, That was why I chose DCLead. DCLead gives you a comprehensive and integrated knowledge and skills from problem based learning, to critical thinking approaches and ethical use of Technology, to political and business aspect of technology. which will help shape and also informed a good decision making process for the future of Technology all from an International point of view.

David AyikuGhana

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Computer Science – Computer Graphics and Animation
Worked as: Associate Software Engineer, Learning Support Teacher, Assistant Manager

I have chosen DCLead because: DCLead’s EMJMD program is mobile and places its multinational students in different countries, hence it is concurrently a catalyst and host to a collection of cultures, of which I am both a proponent and a beneficiary. Besides, I am passionate about humanitarianism; I am also fascinated by tech innovations and our sociopolitical landscape. This program’s versatility offers an avenue for me to materialize my eclectic interests into research and, eventually, action.

Rony ChaarLebanon

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies, Digital Production and Storytelling
Worked as: Media & Communication Associate and Video Content Producer

I have chosen DCLead because: The programme is a great opportunity for me to delve into the world of policymaking in Europe and to understand the ramifications of inducing change and innovation at the policy level. To truly learn how such dynamics work, studying within the European framework is ideal. Coming from a country in a deep socio-economic crisis, digital media shapes the community’s opinions, but lacks representation and innovation, I aim to ensure a more democratic digital media through digital communication policy making.

Peter MoussaLebanon

DCLead Track: POLINN
Ba: Journalism
Worked as: Journalist/Communication specialist

I have chosen DCLead because: DC Lead is an exceptional master program, a perfect combination of academic and practical experience, as well as a golden opportunity to enhance my network connections. It is an invaluable chance to learn and meet people from different backgrounds, and this always results in nurturing professional and personal growth.
Becoming a DC Leader can help me gain critical awareness about the ways technology mediates our daily life, while identifying, understanding, and overcoming the challenges it poses.
It provides the up-to-date knowledge needed to be more in tune with the contemporary media industry – transversed by ICT- as well as teach me how to lead in this new era, combining my two passions: digital communication and leadership.

Viviana Díaz FriasCuba

Ba: Journalism & Mass Communications, American University in Central Asia
Worked as: Communications Expert at the UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic, Communications expert at Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund, TV – journalist, freelance journalist for Radio Free Europe

I have chosen DCLead because: For me, DCLead is a leap into the future, being the first representative of my country is a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge. Digital transformation is having unprecedented impacts on the world’s media and communications production. As a result, driven by data and automation, content is transmitted via personal mobile devices and giving rise to new forms of content production. By graduating, I believe I will acquire advanced knowledge in digital communication, as well as deep understanding of the global media environment and leadership.

Asipa AltymyshevaKyrgyz Republic

DCLead Track: ICT4D
BSc: Anthropology
Worked as: UX lead at Turbodega; Research coordinator at Despierta Lima

I have chosen DCLead because: As an anthropologist, I am passionate about learning how people interact with each other. I am particularly interested in knowing their collective needs, fears, and shared world visions. In recent years, I have focused my research interests on the effects of new digital technologies in peoples’ daily lives. Furthermore, the master’s courses offers the best environment for my personal growth and the opportunity to share my experience with professionals from different backgrounds.

Sebastián Andrés Argüelles DelgadoPeru

DCLead Track: ICT4D
Ba: Spanish and English Languages and Literatures, University of Jordan
MA: Comparative Cultural Studies, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III
Worked as: Project Officer, UN Women

I have chosen DCLead because: Our world is changing rapidly with all the digital transformation, and my work in the humanitarian and development fields showed me how essential communication and innovation are for ensuring that the most vulnerable groups are reached. I looked for the new step in my career and I found that DCLead provides an interdisciplinary approach within a cross-cultural context with the hopes to graduate as a leader and change-maker in my field of work and personal life for the benefit of humanity.

Thawab HilalJordan

DCLead Track: POLINN
BSc: Media Science with Major in Advertising, Iqra University, Karachi
Worked as: Consultant in International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); Associate Producer; Associate Media Planner in Mindshare, GroupM.

I have chosen DCLead because: Because I strongly believe that DCLead will help me to gain insight into advanced research as well as provide me requisite skills and knowledge to attain leadership in rapidly evolving technologies and digital communication. As my past professional experiences with media agencies, production houses, and volunteering experiences for social causes, and my great interest in women empowerment through digital rights and equalities is another great reason for choosing DCLead as I am keen to learn about global development through communication and technology. As my track is POLINN, I would be able to enhance my interest in policymaking and innovative approaches and solutions. Furthermore, learning from each other in the diverse classrooms would help me to understand better the different perspectives of aspiring leaders from all around the world.

Hina BashirPakistan