DCLead Track: TECMAN
BSc: Computer Science, St. Anthony’s College, NEHU, Shillong
MSc: Computer Science, Christ University, Bangalore

I have chosen DCLead because:
Coming from a country where there is an uprising struggle to close the digital gap existing between different regions of the nation, the DCLead programme really caught my attention. It did not just allow me to carry forward my previous study centred around computer science, but also gave the opportunity to combine it with social ethics and management studies. To top it all, this programme provides a platform to study in an international setting with professors and students from across the globe. This is very crucial in becoming a change initiator, aligning innovative technology with social interest, in a world that’s fast growing into complete digitalization.

Angshumita DekaIndia

DCLead Track: POLINN
Public Relations, Hochschule Hannover – Hannover, Germany
Worked as: Marketing Communications Specialist

I have chosen DCLead because:
In a world that revolved around communication and where the increased use of digital media is changing people’s everyday lives, outstanding leaders who communicate effectively are needed more than ever. I’m convinced that being a part of the DCLead programme and studying at world class institutions such as the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and under the tutelage of exceptional professors and specialists, will empower myself to become a global digital leader. Additionally, by having the opportunity to spend the fourth semester as an intern at one of the associated business partners and via each year’s Summer Symposium, I will be able to keep integrating myself into an international network of academic expertise and practical insights while improving my language and intercultural skills.

Angela Cristina Bastidas BarriosGermany

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: General and Comparative Literature
MA:  Communication Studies / Policy Studies
Worked as: Communications Coordinator at HERA (Health Education and Research Association), Macedonia

I have chosen DCLead because:
Of the programme and the opportunities. When considering the most suitable masters to my needs I was looking for a place that will equip me with a cutting edge knowledge for the ever-changing landscape of digital communication, and with opportunities to do research and to put the newly gained skills into practice. DCLead has all of that! I was especially drawn by the fact that the programme offers specialization in some of the most actual and pressing issues at the moment, such as algorithm governance and ethics, privacy policy and net neutrality, among others. I can confidently say that this seems like the best programme for digital communication offered in Europe at the moment.

Ana Pop StefanijaMacedonia

DCLead Track: POLINN
Communication Studies, Universidad Latina de América, UNLA – México
Worked as: Account executive and Project Leader for Cinépolis

I have chosen DCLead because:
I recognized that topics such as digital communication, technology innovation and understanding the relationship between culture and the function of information technologies within our society are a huge interest of mine. I believe that DCLead offers unique opportunities for communication specialists like myself and by being part of it, I will receive the tools, skills and knowledge needed to be better prepared for today’s ever-increasing needs and more complex projects development that our digital era faces.

Aisha Villegas LópezMéxico

DCLead Track: POLINN
BSc (Hons): Computing (University of Portsmouth)
MA: English Literature (GC University Lahore)
MA: Media, Culture and Communication (New York University)
Worked as: Journalist & Teacher

I have chosen DCLead because:
I was a technological idiot. As new digital communication tools continue to numb our senses, I want to understand the invisible new ways in which we interface with our world, distance myself from these interfaces, and then hack them to enable new forms of journalistic, literary, rhetorical and critical practices.

Harris Bin MunawarPakistan

DC Lead track: TECMAN
BA: Computer Engineering
MA: Computer Systems and Networks Engineering
Worked as: Manager at Procter and Gamble

I have chosen the DC Lead because:
I am a young entrepreneur and my ambition is to expand my expertise in the fields of ICT, digital marketing and social media communication.
Nevertheless my previous experiences, I feel that I still need to deepen my knowledge in the vast area of digital communication management, key part of the services I want to provide through my company. For this reason, after searching for a challenging program able to give me a strong foundation in leadership and digital communication, I believe that the ‘‘Digital Communication Leadership’’ EMJMD program is a strong representative of the high level of learning that I am looking for.
Being part of the DC Lead Program is providing me with the perfect opportunity to become a specialist in Digital Communication Leadership to pursue my entrepreneurial ambition with a proper foundation for succeed.

Alessandro AmatiItaly

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Arts in Communication Science at University of Salzburg
Worked as: Student Assistant at University of Salzburg, Intern at Red Bull Media House

I have chosen DCLead because:
I have chosen DCLead because it allows me to focus on media politics and media economics. Further I am interested in digital Communication as a Tool for the Public in form of E-Service and Social Media but also as a enhancer of the new media and a possibility for E-Governance. The program addresses topics like digital Communication, Policy, Innovation, digital technology and management combined with the consideration for social responsibility and ethical-cultural dimensions. Further the program offers an international approach to this topics because of the diverse Partner Universities and Industry Partners. In my opinion this business and academic bonds will support me with my master thesis and will be beneficial for my further career. Last but not least my fellow students who come from different academic and business backgrounds and also from over 15 different cultures. Their knowledge and their stories help and inspire me every day in my academic work and thinking and also my personal life.

Markus NeudeckerGermany

DCLead Track: TECMAN
 Economics and Business Administration, Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
BA2: International Business Programme, Østfold University College (Norway)
Worked as: Database Manager

I have chosen DCLead because:
It is a brand-new and challenging master program. Here I found a unique opportunity to combine economic-managerial, technological, media and communication skills. It teaches me the important aspects how to become a successful leader with the assistance of effective communication tools but without losing focus on social responsibility and ethical-cultural issues. The program involves at least two universities and two countries, where I can find different approaches and broaden my perspectives. This program gives me a chance to get advice and recommendations from the qualified professors with different backgrounds. At the same time, it offers internships at world-known organizations in order to work on the master thesis. Thus theory is implemented in practice. I think that the experience I will obtain during the period of studying in the consortium will be a valuable tool to open up new opportunities for my career. Besides, one of the most important reasons why DCLead stands out compared to similar programs, is its cultural diversity of incoming students! It feels like I have visited every country in the world by making a simple conversation with my fellow students. I get to know the trends, possibilities and obstacles in different countries from them. DCLead is a global program which can help students become real professionals and make new friends throughout the world.

Maia GiorgadzeGeorgia

DCLead Track: POLINN
BA: Bachelor of Social Science, University of Chittagong
MA: Master of Science, VHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.
Worked as: Journalist (New Age, The Asian Age); Research Assistant

I have chosen DCLead because:
I aim to explore the nature of digital communication in different settings to understand the impact of new media on economic growth and policy design. More specifically, I am interested in ‘digital divide’ or ‘digital inequality’ in order to ensure social change and development in both European and non-European context. For instance, the multiple aspects of digital inequality in terms of access, usage, skills, and self-perceptions, as well as future lines of research, the significance of digital inequalities in a broad range of individual-level and macro-level domains (gender, class, ; health care, politics, economic activity, and social capital and development interventions (policies, projects or actions).
I believe the DCLead program will help me to combine these dimensions between economy and social aspects, technology and culture, individual needs and society. In addition, the program will guide me to acquire deep and broad knowledge and skills for innovative ideas and discussions as well as a profound academic ground in the area of digital communication. DCLead Programme has a benchmark international network of academic expertise and practical insights to focus on new media, media management which will facilitate the potentiality of my knowledge and skills in the field of digital media and communication.
I believe, DCLead is a timely initiative that will help me understand the multidimensional aspects of media question to explore the interdisciplinary approach of communication and social development.

Abdul Aziz AzizBangladesh

DCLead Track: TECMAN
BA: Information Management and Information System, East China Normal University
Worked as: Digital Marketer, Business Analyst, Editor & Contributor @ seventhtraveler.strikingly.com

I have chosen DCLead because:
It dazzles me how the new media era changes everything, good or bad. I’ve always felt there’s a piece missing in my professional career. Having worked on several projects made me realize my needs to optimize communication. The program starts with the basis communication theories and methodologies and in my track B, Aalborg University’s problem-based-learning inspires me, simply cannot wait for my project coming alive off the paper.

Ruiqi ZhouChina